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Nov 04, 2015, 15:05 ET from ProfNet

NEW YORK, Nov. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Below are experts from the ProfNet network that are available to discuss timely issues in your coverage area.

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  • Police Intervention in Schools
  • Preparing for Bioterrorism/Biological Threats
  • Significant Investment is Needed to Improve Nation's Roadways
  • Discovery of the Wreckage From El Faro Cargo Ship That Sank During Hurricane Joaquin


  • Entertain This! Editor – USA Today (VA)
  • Education Reporter – Butler Eagle (PA)
  • Assistant Managing Editor – National Journal (DC)
  • Editor/Business Writer – Texarkana Gazette (TX)


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  • Investment Reporting for Corporate and Media Writers
  • ProfNet Success Story: Freelance Writer Leah Ingram


Police Intervention in Schools
Dorothy Hines Datiri
Assistant Professor of Multicultural Education
University of Kansas School of Law
"Educators should think about when the use of police intervention is necessary if students are not committing criminal offenses. Schools have to consider more effective ways for supporting students in the classroom when disciplinary issues arise."
Hines Datiri can discuss the South Carolina incident in which a black student was slammed to the floor by a white officer, as well as race, school discipline and related topics.
Contact: Mike Krings,

Preparing for Bioterrorism/Biological Threats
Thomas Voss, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Section Head, Discovery Biology; Senior Director, Infectious Disease Research
SRI Biosciences
"Developing effective vaccines and therapies for deadly, infectious pathogens is crucial to protect the safety of people around the world. Currently, there are no proven vaccines or medications to address the pathogens such as Ebola and MERS that have caused illness and death on multiple continents over recent decades. To evaluate possible therapeutic and vaccine approaches for these frightening viruses, we need effective research models to study them. We're making good progress in identifying and developing these models."
Dr. Voss is leading a team of researchers who are working to find innovative, effective ways to study contagious pathogens such as Ebola, MERS, SARS and MRSA, so that treatments can be discovered. From 1998 to 2005, Dr. Voss served as vice president of the Homeland Security and Emerging Infectious Disease Division worked at Southern Research Institute. His postdoctoral training in viral pathogenesis was completed in the Special Pathogens Branch of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He has deep expertise in virology, immunology, biodefense, and vaccine and antiviral development.
ProfNet Profile:
Contact: Michele Parisi,

Significant Investment is Needed to Improve Nation's Roadways
Rajib Basu Mallick, Ph.D.
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Associate Department Head of Civil and Architectural Engineering
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
"For decades, the number of trucks and other vehicles on our nation's roadways has gone up steadily and significantly, adding significant stress on roadways that gets multiplied with the effect of extreme events such as flooding (which we expect will also increase, thanks to climate change). There needs to be significant investment from the federal government for pavement and road-related projects to develop better road materials and construction and maintenance processes."
Dr. Mallick is co-author, with Tahar El-Korchi, of "Pavement Engineering: Principles and Practice, Second Edition" (Taylor and Francis/CRC Press, 2013), as well as 60+ published, peer-reviewed journal articles, 40+ conference papers and 30 research reports. He is available to discuss: 1) Pavement and roads: the contents, strength, and condition of pavement and our roadway infrastructure. Chronically underfunded on the federal and state levels, our roadways and bridges are failing: sinkholes, potholes, washouts -- all affect the safety and mobility of the American public. 2) The impact of the added stress on roads with more vehicles but less new roadways. 3) The science of pavement material, recycling pavement, and the use of natural, sustainable material in new road projects. 4) The optimum use of natural resources and sustainable construction in the pavement industry. 5) Recycling of asphalt pavements, understanding and modeling the behavior of recycled materials, reducing the urban heat island effect, harvesting energy from pavements, understanding temperature profiles, and reducing temperatures in pavement layers. 6) The need for more research funding of pavement research and road-related projects and more engineers and equipment for maintenance and rehabilitation of crumbling roads and bridges.
Faculty Profile:
Contact: Alison Duffy,

Discovery of the Wreckage From El Faro Cargo Ship That Sank During Hurricane Joaquin
V. Frank Asaro, J.D.
Maritime Attorney
At 5 p.m. on the day El Faro departed, the forecast showed that tropical storm Joaquin would reach hurricane strength and the ship's path would take it straight into the track of the storm. At 8 p.m. later the same day, the ship left port. The Captain had the last word on whether to go and on what particular course the ship should travel. V Frank Asaro knows more than most about what causes large ships to sink and the tragic and costly consequences. While it is rare for large cargo ships like the 790-foot El Faro to sink and completely disappear, Asaro has the nautical expertise and maritime legal experience to discuss this tragic event. Says Asaro: "The potential loss of the captain's crew and his own life should have overridden his apparent economic conflict of interest (the cooperative instinct to protect the crew vs. the competitive instinct to make a profit)."
Asaro is the author of the just released suspense novel "The Tortoise Shell Game," about the sinking of a tuna boat and subsequent litigation.
Contact: Scott Lorenz,



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