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May 22, 2014, 18:10 ET from ProfNet

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  • Why Eliminating Food From Your Diet Isn't the Weight-Loss Answer
  • Road-Trip Bliss: How Driving Can Improve a Relationship


  • Reporter – The Chicago Reporter (IL)
  • Copy Editor - Tech Times (NY)
  • State Capitol Reporter - The Durango Herald (CO)


  • ASJA 2014: Recapping The Recaps 
  • How Journalists Can Use Google+ To Build Their Brand
  • Creating Brand Awareness Using Twitter



Why Eliminating Food From Your Diet Isn't the Weight-Loss Answer
Robyn Flipse
Registered Dietitian, Author
Nutrition Communication Services
Each week, a different food or beverage is in the headlines. Today it's "eat this, not that" then next week it's "you can eat that again." With all of the back and forth, it's no wonder that we are having trouble keeping track of what we should or shouldn't eat or that we are eliminating things altogether from their diets. Says Flipse: "Eliminating sugar or any one food from one's diet is not what's going to solve the obesity epidemic in our country; rather, it will continue the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting. The best tried and true solution I have for my clients is to put in place a nutrition plan inclusive of portion control and moderation that helps them lose and maintain their weight for the long haul."
Flipse can help ease fears and calm confusion when it comes to making nutrition choices. She uses the latest science to counsel her clients through tough situations, such as: "Should I go gluten-free?" or "Do I really have to give up sweets, fast food, and everything I love to be healthy" or "Which ingredients are safe to consume?" She can shine light on why eliminating certain foods or beverages is not a sustainable approach to weight loss and maintenance. She is a registered dietitian and cultural anthropologist with a focus on the societal forces continually shaping eating behavior and food trends. Her 30+ year career includes maintaining a busy nutrition counseling practice, teaching food and nutrition courses at the university level, authoring two popular diet books (The Wedding Dress Diet and Fighting the Freshman Fifteen) and numerous articles on diet and health and her high-traffic blog, TheEverydayRD. Today she is a multimedia spokesperson and consultant to global food and beverage companies, including The Coca-Cola Company, the Calorie Control Council and McNeil Nutritionals, where her expertise on no- and low-calorie sweeteners is in demand and her opinions are her own. Her ability to make sense out of the confusing and sometimes controversial nutrition news has made her a frequent guest on major media outlets. Her passion is communicating practical nutrition information that empowers people to make the best food decisions they can in their everyday diets.
Media Contact: Dawn Maniglia,

Road-Trip Bliss: How Driving Can Improve a Relationship
Matthew Johnson
Psychology Professor
Binghamton University
"Your car may be the best place to strengthen your relationship. Sustained attention such as you would find on a long road trip encourages you to talk about your relationship, and that alone can improve it. Even if a couple has been together for years, drive-time can help strengthen the bond."
Johnson is a psychology professor at Binghamton University, where he is director of the university's Marriage and Family Studies Laboratory.
Media Contact: Ryan Yarosh,



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