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Mar 04, 2016, 14:10 ET from ProfNet

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  • Sleep Awareness Week and Insomnia
  • Space Travel and Impact on Eye Health
  • Personal Drug Importation
  • Protecting Children From Abuse
  • Violence Prevention and the Green Dot Program
  • Changes Across the Menstrual Cycle
  • The Connection Between Memories and Mood
  • Glowing Protein Found in Jellyfish Useful in Medicine, Cell Biology and Molecular Biology


  • Director of Photography – Dallas Morning News (TX)
  • Reporter – Las Vegas Review-Journal (NV)
  • Reporter, New Jersey Courts – Law360 (NJ)


  • Tax-Filing Tips for Freelancers
  • Giving a Good TV Interview, Part Two: Preparing
  • Confessions of a Media Booker: How to Secure Broadcast Segments


Sleep Awareness Week and Insomnia
Richard Shane, Ph.D.
Sleep Easily, LLC
"Good sleep is critical to everyone. One in three people have at least one symptom of insomnia, either not going to sleep or waking during the night. Often, they overlook it or don't think it is a problem. It's great that the National Sleep Foundation is recognizing and addressing the issue nationwide with Sleep Awareness Week, March 6-13."
Dr. Shane is the author of the "Sleep Easily Method Sleepguide" and can comment for article you are working on regarding the Sleep Awareness Week. He is based in Boulder, Colo.
ProfNet Profile:
Contact: Mary Cochran,

Space Travel and Impact on Eye Health
Jane Rady
EVP Strategy & Corporate Development, Vision Business
NASA astronaut Scott Kelly returned to Earth this week after nearly a year in space. Spending that long in space has an impact on a person's health -- from muscles and bones to the brain and eyes. In fact, research shows that long-term exposure to the extreme, no-gravity environment in space can wreak havoc on the eye's structure and normal operation. In a recent call with reporters, Kelly noted that his vision has changed during his year on the space station. Rady, an expert in vision care who has consulted with NASA on this very topic, can speak more about the impact of space on eye health and how these learnings can help shape future research: "It's important that we understand how Kelly's eye health may have changed while he was in space, particularly as NASA expands space exploration and a manned mission to Mars. In addition, these learnings may someday help in studying ways to treat glaucoma, a common condition that may occur when pressure in the eye builds, resulting in eye damage and possible blindness."
Rady is a NASA consultant with the "Vision for Mars Challenge." She is based in Orange County, Calif.
Contact: Alyssa Tran,

Personal Drug Importation
Tod Cooperman, M.D.
CEO and
"Three leading presidential candidates are supporting personal drug importation. I applaud this. Millions of Americans already do it, and they should be able to do it legally."
Cooperman is founder of, which verifies credentials of online pharmacies, and president of He's an expert on personal drug importation (re-importation), vitamins, supplements, and generic drug quality. He is based in White Plains, N.Y.
ProfNet Profile:

Protecting Children From Abuse
Andrew Shubin
Sexual Abuse Attorney
Law Office of Andrew Shubin
"When Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown leaders gave pedophile priests access to children, and the time and space to groom and abuse them, they betrayed children, families and a community. Many in the Catholic community seek absolution for a church and a religion by arguing that the conviction of specific abusers settles the issue of culpability. We can expect a similar refrain from church officials over the new grand jury report released by PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane on Tuesday, March 1. Institutions do more than enable abuse, they cause it. Protecting our children demands more than jailing a predator -- it requires holding institutions and their leaders accountable for betraying and catastrophically injuring our children."
Shubin led the charge to hold Penn State accountable for its role in the decades-long sexual abuse of boys at the hands of former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. He represented Sandusky victims 2, 3, 7 and 10, Matt Sandusky, and others in their historic civil settlements with Penn State.
ProfNet Profile:
Contact: Hollie Geitner,

Violence Prevention and the Green Dot Program
Darcie Folsom
Director of Sexual Violence Prevention & Advocacy
Connecticut College
"More than anything, Green Dot is about someone's own confidence in their ability to step in when they see problematic behavior. We all have barriers that keep us from intervening -- whether they are personal, peer influence or general bystander dynamics -- and the training provides us all with the opportunity to address those barriers and discuss options to overcome the things that hold us back. The training is about each of us as individuals and how we see ourselves as part of the solution in our greater culture change."
As the director of sexual violence prevention and advocacy at Connecticut College, Folsom works to promote a greater awareness of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking through prevention and intervention education; fosters a safe environment where survivors are empowered to access resources; and provides advocacy and support to survivors. Under her leadership, Connecticut College became the first institution in the state to implement the Green Dot program, which trains students in bystander intervention.
ProfNet Profile:
Contact: Kerry Meehan,

Changes Across the Menstrual Cycle
Joan Chrisler
Professor of Psychology
Connecticut College
"I'm not trying to say there aren't any changes in your body that you notice and experience across the menstrual cycle, every woman knows that there are. The question is, how bothersome do they have to be before you say, 'I have a medical problem?'"
Chrisler is internationally known for her research and writing on the psychology of women and gender and women's health issues, particularly on weight, eating behavior, body image, menopause, attitudes toward menstruation, and menstrual cycle-related changes. She has published 10 books and dozens of journal articles and book chapters (see her ProfNet profile below for a list.)
ProfNet Profile:
Contact: Kerry Meehan,

The Connection Between Memories and Mood
Jefferson A. Singer
Dean of the College, Professor of Psychology
Connecticut College
"Cognitive processes do not operate in a vacuum separate from the personal needs and self-regulatory tendencies of each individual. Memories may be one of the many components of thought individuals use to control mood."
Singer is a Faulk Foundation Professor of Psychology in the fields of personality, autobiographical memory and clinical psychology.
ProfNet Profile:
Contact: Kerry Meehan,

Glowing Protein Found in Jellyfish Useful in Medicine, Cell Biology and Molecular Biology
Marc Zimmer
Professor of Chemistry
Connecticut College
"In the last 10 years, green fluorescent protein (GFP) has changed from a nearly unknown protein to a commonly used tool in molecular biology, medicine, and cell biology. GFP is used as a biological marker. It is particularly useful due to its stability and the fact that its chromophore is formed in an autocatalytic cyclization that does not require a cofactor."
Zimmer teaches general chemistry, molecular science and environmental chemistry. He is the author of "Glowing Genes: A Revolution in Biotechnology," published in 2005 by Prometheus Books. Zimmer is based in New London, Conn.
Contact: Kerry Meehan,



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