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  • Obama Administration to Delay Part of Affordable Care Act


  • Solar Energy (28 experts)


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  • Government Reporter – Orange County Register (CA)
  • Digital Editor – Tuscaloosa News (AL)


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Obama Administration to Delay Part of Affordable Care Act
Shawn Pynes
Head, Employee Benefits Division
Barney & Barney
"Businesses across the country welcome the extra time to address the new rules, associated expenses and operational challenges. However, employers should use this reprieve to accelerate their efforts to develop a strategy. The ACA will have a material financial impact on most companies and create unforeseen operational challenges."
Barney & Barney, LLC is one of the nation's largest, independent insurance brokerages. Founded over 100 years ago, Barney & Barney is a risk management and insurance brokerage providing solutions, services and products in commercial property and casualty insurance, employee benefits, workers' compensation, compensation consulting, executive liability, personal lines and surety. Barney & Barney is headquartered in San Diego, with offices in San Francisco and Orange County.
Media Contact: Greg Berardi,


Following are experts in solar energy, some of which will be attending the Intersolar North America conference this week:

Markus Elsaesser
As organizer of the largest series of solar shows across the globe, Elsaesser can draw comparisons between the North American, European and emerging markets; share top trends voiced by many CEOs; and point to rapidly expanding or contracting sectors based on exhibitor numbers.
Media Contact: Zoe Fishman,

Adam S. Umanoff
Partner and Co-chair, Global Project Finance Practice
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP in Los Angeles
Umanoff is available to discuss, among other topics, distributed generation solar and the looming battles over distribution network impacts: "One of the fastest-growing segments of the solar industry is distributed generation (for example, residential solar installations), as opposed to utility scale projects.  DG projects take customers away from traditional utilities but still utilize the utilities' distribution network.  One key issue yet to be resolved economically or politically is to determine how such DG projects impact distribution systems and, if they do, how should they share in the cost of building and operating those systems."
Umanoff focuses on the development, financing, operation, disposition and acquisition of infrastructure and energy projects and companies, with a particular focus on the renewable energy industry. He represents project sponsors and developers, lenders, equity investors, manufacturers, technology companies and other participants in the sector and has substantial experience across the wind, solar, geothermal and biomass industries.
Media Contact: Ben Harris,, or Jeff Mutterperl,

Edward W. Zaelke
Partner and Co-chair, Global Project Finance Practice
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP in Los Angeles
Zaelke is available to discuss, among other topics, solar energy in Puerto Rico, and the threat of PREPA financial difficulties to solar expansion: "Puerto Rico has had an aggressive solar expansion program, fueled in large part by the high cost of fossil fuel generation.  But recent financial problems with the island's utility, the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, now threaten that expansion as lenders and developers are assessing the recent credit downgrade of PREPA.  Ironically, solar generation remains a more cost-competitive source of electricity supply for Puerto Rico, but whether new projects can be financed in light of PREPA's credit concerns remains to be seen."
Zaelke focuses his practice on project development and finance, with a particular emphasis on representing companies engaged in the development, financing and operation of wind power, solar power and other alternative energy projects. His clients include many of the top renewable energy developers and investors in the United States.
Media Contact: Ben Harris,, or Jeff Mutterperl,

David K. Burton
Partner, Tax Practice
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP in New York
Burton is available to discuss solar tax equity, among other topics: "There will not be any semblance of a balance in the supply and demand for solar tax equity, so long as profitable corporations have an average federal effective tax rate of 13 percent, as the Government Accountability Office recently determined."
Burton advises clients on a wide range of U.S. tax matters, with a particular emphasis on project finance and energy transactions. In addition, he also advises clients on tax matters regarding the formation and structuring of domestic and offshore investment funds.
Media Contact: Ben Harris,, or Jeff Mutterperl,

Michael Gorton
CEO and Chairman
Principal Solar, Inc.
"Solar PV cost has declined by 97 percent over the past 30 years. Electricity prices continue to rise. As the cost of large-scale solar installations approaches -- and moves below -- the cost of natural gas as a mainstream generation resource, an intriguing alliance has begun to form between these two complementary resources.  Because solar generates during peak times, the technology perfectly complements natural gas and other incumbent base-load power generation. As a result, many savvy traditional energy and oil and gas investors are now looking to solar as a mainstream, low-risk investment. Solar energy not only provides a limitless supply of clean, safe and renewable energy for heat and power, but it's affordable, efficient and extremely reliable. The future of solar manufacturing relies on the continued development of innovative technologies and investment. Principal Solar has long held the belief that many solar projects are now seeking opportunities to team up with others as part of an Independent Power Producer (IPP), and has worked diligently to develop collaborations."
A quintessential entrepreneur, mentor, and company builder, Gorton has proven to be a strategic visionary, impacting the telecommunications, music, healthcare and energy industries. As founding CEO of Teladoc, the nation's leading telehealth company, Gorton pioneered a health care model in which members had access to telephonic physicians who could review medical records, treat, and prescribe medication that today supports the new paradigm in health care reform. As a founder and leader of Principal Solar, Gorton applies his business expertise, scientific education, and training to the renewable energy sector. Under his leadership, Principal Solar has quickly become a recognized name and thought leader in the industry.
Media Contact: Joelle Caputa,

Troy Miller
Business Development and Marketing Manager, Power Quality Products
S&C Electric Company
"To manage the impact of renewable energy resources, one must look beyond 20th-century technology. Smart grid solutions offer the best, most realistic path to address the renewable integration challenge."
Miller is a business development and marketing manager in the Power Quality Products Division at S&C Electric Company. He has over 21 years of experience in the power engineering industry, and has a vast history in the application and implementation of all aspects of power electronics and power quality. Miller is a speaker at industry events for new product introductions and economic benefit analysis. He is currently responsible for power quality activities for S&C, including energy storage, VAR compensation and uninterruptible power systems. He holds a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. He is available to discuss renewable integration and energy storage, solar energy, wind energy, smart grid.
Media Contact: Monica Charleston,

Kevin Smith
"No one energy supply is the complete answer to our energy needs. While some have pinned our future energy hopes on natural gas, it too is a limited resource and presents some environmental challenges like other fossil fuels. Demand for energy will only continue to grow, with the rise in the population and standards of living in emerging countries. This demand can only be met in the long-term through energy generation from a diverse set of sources, with clean energy demonstrating the most promise in terms of stability, cost and impact on the environment."
Smith is a fresh voice that burst into the mainstream energy conversation when SolarReserve received a loan from the Department of Energy's (DOE) Loan Guarantee Program and took a stance advocating government support of renewable energy in the midst of the Solyndra bankruptcy. Smith has more than 30 years of experience in the energy industry, including solar, wind, natural gas and biomass fueled electricity facilities. Smith has actively led the successful development, acquisition, financing and construction of energy projects that total more than 5,000 megawatts and long-term electricity sales contracts approaching $50 billion, including projects located in the U.S. and more than a dozen countries around the world. Topics he can discuss: what energy independence really means -- and what it will take for the U.S. to get there; what it will take for the U.S. to remain competitive in the global energy market; how government support for renewable energy creates jobs and drives economic growth; and recent conversations with the Saudi and South African governments to discuss their renewable energy plan -- and what the U.S. could learn.
Media Contact: Rachel White,

Edward Woll Jr.
Environmental Attorney
Sullivan & Worcester LLP
"By turning their rooftops into local, clean power plants with solar panel systems, homeowners not only reduce their dependence on fossil fuels to generate electricity, they can fix electricity costs at rates substantially lower than what an electric utility might charge over a 20-year plus period -- the expected lifespan of a solar photovoltaic system. But each rooftop system reduces the utility's revenue source."
Woll is a Boston-based partner at Sullivan & Worcester LLP and is part of the Environment, Energy & Natural Resources groups. His principal practice areas have included real estate, environmental, zoning, and land use litigation and advice in federal and state trial and appellate courts, and before local, state and federal governmental agencies. He is also energy chair at the Sierra Club Massachusetts Chapter.
Woll is available to discuss the consumer, homeowner and large-scale building benefits of solar panels vs. cost, policy roadblocks, including threats to prevailing utilities.
Media Contact: Jeff Roberts,

Elias B. Hinckley
Environmental Attorney
Sullivan & Worcester LLP
"Plant shutdowns, due to the inability of developers to finance new thermal generation because investors lack confidence in long-term water availability, may be the first place we will see significant movement on policy. Nothing generates action on energy policy faster than brown-outs and black-outs."
Hinckley is a partner in the Environment, Energy & Natural Resources Group of Sullivan & Worcester's Washington, D.C., office. He focuses on helping his clients navigate a changing energy, tax, and finance landscape by efficiently and creatively structuring deals. He incorporates tax, policy and market insight to solve complex financing challenges for public utility, banking, private equity, real estate, engineering, construction, manufacturing and alternative energy companies.
Hinckley is available to discuss the challenges of financing new energy technologies and new applications of old energy sources.
Media Contact: Jeff Roberts,

Dan Girard
Director -- Business Development, Renewable Energy and Energy Storage
S&C Electric Company
"Meeting in-service dates is critical to maximize return on investment for renewable energy projects. Our broad portfolio of solutions for connecting renewable energy plants to the grid helps developers meet tight deadlines and complete projects in a predictable manner."
Girard has over 25 years of technical and project management experience working with utilities, large commercial and industrial customers on various engineering solutions consisting of power issues that include design of substations, power feeders, power factor corrections, new building electrical layout, and campus layouts. These have included electric utilities, commercial plants, industrial plants, college campuses, hospitals, wastewater plants, and water treatment facilities. Girard currently is S&C's director of business development, renewable energy and energy storage, and he previously led major projects for S&C's Power Systems Services, including extensive experience in complex engineer-procure-construct (EPC) solutions. Previous experience includes 15 years as a senior area engineer for Wisconsin Electric, where it was his responsibility to evaluate and resolve all engineering problems in customer owned substations, utility owned substations, utility owned distribution, and distribution automation and any/all aspects of various applications. Girard also worked in the electrical contractor business for four years as manager of engineering and project management for Electrical Service & Systems. He is available to discuss solar energy, wind energy, maximizing renewable energy potential, energy storage and renewable integration, smart grid.
Media Contact: Monica Charleston,

Robert Schaefer
"Our renewable energy customers want to go way beyond simple measuring. They asked us to integrate management, operations and maintenance for residential, commercial and utility installations. At AlsoEnergy, we're focused on lowering the cost, improving the efficiency and improving the performance of renewable energy generation for developers, operators, financiers and EPCs."
Over his 25-year career, Schaefer has established a broad experience in management, engineering and operations. He was president and chief executive officer of Breece Hill LLC from 2005 through 2007 after prior experience as COO and VP engineering. He previously worked for Hertrich Development, MaxOptix and Digital Equipment Corporation. He graduated from M.I.T. with an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering in 1983. He received a master's degree in control systems in 1993 from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and is a professional engineer in the State of Colorado. He has six patents in the field of robotics and one in the renewable energy field.
Founded in 2006, Boulder, Colo.-based AlsoEnergy provides the most comprehensive energy monitoring and financial management software solutions for renewable energy developers, manufacturers and investors who are establishing today's clean-tech industry standards and best practices.  The company currently monitors more than 4,000 solar power sites in the U.S., Canada, South Korea, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Slovakia, France, UAE, Australia, Spain and Greece.  The company is an ISNA exhibitor – booth #8017.
Media Contact: Neal Leavitt,

Michael J. Zimmer
Senior Counsel
Thompson Hine
"The solar market is a growth market in the U.S. at 18 percent per year and will be a solid No. 2 in the world as part of a global $155 billion market in 2018. We see PV at retail solid in rooftop, commercial buildings and also for rural and community development. Utility solar and federal projects on public lands and military bases will flourish in the next five years. Solar thermal, micro grids, peak power and innovative financing are all hallmarks of this marketplace, which is shining in the U.S. economy diversifying the fuel base and lowering carbon emissions. Economic activities in solar will flourish for mergers and consolidation, new financing using master limited partnerships and real estate investment trusts as the industry pushes for solar to become an adjunct to furnaces, heat pumps, solar hot water and thermal and similar applications. This diversification fueled by modern technology and U.S. 'know-how' will build a modern energy and electric future in our homes, office buildings, malls, and government and industrial facilities. The future is indeed bright for solar as utilities adopt new business models based on energy service companies, our military reaches grid hardening and supply security, new financing fosters securitization and nanotechnology and 3D printing accelerate to make the U.S. a global market leader."
Zimmer focuses his practice on natural gas and electricity regulation, energy issues, corporate acquisitions and project finance transactions. He has been involved in mergers, acquisitions, construction and project financing assignments in the power generation, renewables, natural gas and electric, cogeneration and independent power, energy and emissions trading, and manufacturing industries. He is the chair of the National Advisory Board for the Consortium of Energy, Economics and the Environment of the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs at Ohio University, the Executive in Residence, Voinovich School (on matters related to energy, economics and the environment) and on the Editorial Advisory Board of Forester Media's publication, Distributed Energy: The Journal of Energy Efficiency & Reliability. He has also served on the Advisory Committee to President and Board of Directors for the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE). He was the general counsel to the Cogeneration and Independent Power Coalition of America, where he led seminal efforts to establish the cogeneration, renewables and independent power generation industry in the United States and also the general counsel to the Clean Coal Coalition.
Media Contact: Sheila Turner,

Gregory D. Chafee
Partner, Corporate Transactions & Securities Group
Thompson Hine
Chafee's practice covers a wide range of domestic and international corporate, commercial, transactional, regulatory compliance and governance matters, with a focus on energy project development, clean technology, and sustainability programs, policies and initiatives. He provides strategic advice and counsel to project developers, owners, operators, lenders, private equity and venture capital investors, energy services companies, suppliers and services providers on financing, including debt and equity offerings, operations and mergers, acquisitions and divestitures involving conventional and renewable energy. He has negotiated and structured complex transactions involving electrical production, petroleum, natural gas and LNG production, transmission and distribution and the generation of energy from biomass and biofuels, solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, waste-to-energy and other renewable resources. Greg acts as general counsel to clients for commercial matters including corporate formation and governance regulatory compliance and risk management.
Chafee represents clients in the negotiation of power purchase agreements (PPAs), utility interconnection contracts and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) and operations and maintenance (O&M) agreements. He provides guidance on carbon trading and renewable energy credits. Greg also counsels on matters related to energy efficiency, sustainable construction, the utilization of green technologies and compliance with federal, state and local regulations, including the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 (PURPA), the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935 (PUHCA), and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) rulings. He is the vice chair, American Bar Association Energy and Environmental Markets and Finance Committee; director, Georgia Solar Energy Industries Association; director, Livable Buckhead, on the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Committee. He is also on the Northeast Energy & Commerce Association and the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association.
Media Contact: Sheila Turner,

Alan Beale
General Manager
SolarMax USA, Inc.
A technology and PV solar industry veteran, Beale heads the U.S. office of SolarMax, one of the world's leading manufacturers of grid-connected solar inverters. The company develops, produces and sells inverters for more than 20 years for every system -- from photovoltaic plants on single-family homes whose kilowatt output is modest, to the solar power plants whose output is measured in megawatts. Beale comes to SolarMax from REFUsol, where he was vice president of sales and marketing. Prior to that, Beale held executive leadership roles at Canesta, Immersion Corporation, Clarity LLC, SGI and General Electric. Beale is available as an expert resource on the PV inverter market and solar topics and trends, such as: perspective on overall U.S. and global market; market consolidation and change; growth prospects in the U.S. and abroad; the case against micro inverters; issues around energy storage, redundancy, disaster recovery; self-consumption; and more.
Media Contact: Melissa Chadwick,

Todd Michaels
Senior Director
NRG Solar
As solar goes mainstream, NRG is developing unexpected solutions, finding creative ways to develop customized distributed solar options that fit into our lives. The opportunities to create customized, attractive, energy efficient solutions are endless. NRG, one of the nation's largest developers of solar power, is developing a pipeline that totals more than 2,000 MW – composed of both utility and commercial solar facilities.
Michaels leads NRG Solar's distributed generation team that is responsible for market assessment, strategy creation, partnership/channel development, and internal project execution for systems developed around net metering, feed-in-tariff, and distributed wholesale contracts domestically. He is available to speak to NRG's partnership with the San Francisco 49ers to install state-of-the-art solar elements, including three solar array-covered bridges, a solar canopy and solar panels over the 49ers training center. He can also discuss the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, the first large-scale solar thermal plant to be built in California in 20 years, supporting California's goal of 33 percent renewable power generation by 2020.
NRG Solar will be joining Sunora Energy at InterSolar North America (booth #7745).
Media Contact: onsite: Jeff Holland,; offsite: Ryan Looney,

Gregory Reed
Associate Professor
Director, Electric Power Initiative
University of Pittsburgh Center for Energy
Reed has more than 27 years of combined industry and academic experience in the electric power and energy arena, including engineering, R&D, and executive management positions throughout his career with Consolidated Edison of New York Inc., ABB Inc., Mitsubishi Electric Corp., and DNV-KEMA Inc. He has authored or co-authored more than 75 papers and technical articles in the areas of electric power system analysis, the applications of advanced power systems and power electronics technologies, and power engineering education. In his roles at Pitt, Reed is responsible for providing the vision and leadership for the multidisciplinary activities of the electric power engineering program's educational, research, and outreach components.
Reed is available to discuss the national power grid; power electronics using HDVC, flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS), and control technologies; renewable energy systems and integration; smart grid technologies and applications, DC technology and research; energy storage system and developments; energy efficiency and energy management; and power quality.
Media Contact: B. Rose Huber,

John O'Donnell
VP of Business Development
GlassPoint's Enclosed Trough technology is the first new CSP architecture in decades, providing a scalable model that delivers steam at costs competitive with natural gas in many parts of the world. GlassPoint's systems are tailored to extract heavy oil from aging wells -- optimized specifically for harsh oilfield environments. O'Donnell will be presenting on a Concentrating Solar Thermal Power panel, discussing GlassPoint's recent commissioning of the Middle East's first solar thermal oil recovery system.
Media Contact: Zoe Fishman,

Paul Winnowski
President and CEO
Mainstream Energy
Mainstream Energy's new president and CEO, makes his debut on the solar stage for the first time. A former senior executive at GE in the fire and security industries, Winnowski can discuss how he strategically joined Mainstream to lead the company through  explosive growth -- as residential solar becomes as mainstream as home security systems. Executives from Mainstream's subsidiaries REC Solar (solar installer that just hit 10,000 home installs), AEE Solar (just released proprietary survey results from its network of solar installers) and SnapNrack (racking solution company named Intersolar award finalist) are also available to discuss trends from across solar's value chain.
Media Contact: Zoe

Stephane Dufrenne
President and CTO
Dufrenne can discuss how the company's integrated smart module technology exemplifies a key shift toward PV 2.0, as well as Upsolar's take on the trade tariffs being imposed on China-based manufacturers in the U.S. and EU. Dufrenne will address smart module technology on a Balance of Systems panel on Tuesday, July 9, from 9 to 10:45 a.m.
Media Contact: Zoe Fishman,

Dr. Gilad Almogy
Cogenra Solar
Almogy can discuss innovation in solar cogeneration systems, which maximize energy harvest by producing hot water from the waste heat of PV generation. By hedging against volatile electricity and natural gas prices, hybrid solar heating and cooling systems reduce costs and drive up efficiency. Almogy will discuss Cogenra's technology, covering their recent solar cooling partnership with JCI, at the Growth Stage Companies Forum, Wednesday, July 10, from 5:35 to 6 p.m.
Media Contact: Zoe Fishman,

Jenya Meydbray
Co-founder and CEO
PV Evolution Labs
An advisor to leading solar project investors, developers and manufacturers, Meydbray is an expert who has developed sophisticated methods of assessing solar panels for vendor selection, quality assurance, and bankability. PV Evolution Labs is focused on testing and assessment of the reliability, quality and performance of solar modules, ensuring that the modules being manufactured for deployment in solar projects are well-designed, well-engineered, consistently manufactured, and properly warehoused. They're helping project developers and investors reduce risk and increase statistical certainty of long-term performance through technical due diligence. Prior to founding PV Evolution Labs, Meydbray was the senior quality and reliability engineer at SunPower Corporation, where he developed accelerated test methods and their sophisticated, data-driven vendor qualification process. Meydbray began his career at NASA Ames Research Center's hyper-gravity facilities. He studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University, and holds two photovoltaic-related patents. He received a BS in electrical engineering from UC Santa Cruz, and an MS in electrical engineering from Boston University. He is an advisory board member to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's International PV Module Quality Assurance Forum.
Media Contact:

Rhone Resch
President and CEO
Solar Energy Industries Association
At SEIA, Rhone is responsible for all aspects of the association's operations and implementation of the industry's strategic priorities. SEIA's recent legislative successes include the eight-year extension and expansion of the investment tax credits for solar, creation of the DOE grant program, and expansion of the loan guarantee program for renewable energy.
Rhone has over 15 years of experience in the public and private sector, working in clean energy development and climate change issues. He served as program manager at the EPA's Climate Protection Division during the Clinton administration, and has also supported the U.S. Department of Energy's Environmental Management Program.  He holds an MPA in management from Syracuse University's Maxwell School, a master's degree in environmental engineering from SUNY Syracuse, and a B.A. from the University of Michigan. He lives in a solar-powered house in Washington, D.C.
Contact: Susan DeVico,

Daniel Shugar
Solaria Corporation
Shugar has extensive  expertise in the solar industry and is extremely knowledgeable about commercial and utility-scale solar installations, tracking systems, product innovations, project development, market opportunities, and the future of the U.S. solar industry. He has spent over 25 years advancing the renewable energy industry and is responsible for the completion of more than 500 solar projects serving commercial, industrial, and utility clients worldwide. Prior to joining Solaria, Shugar was president of SunPower Corporation, Systems. Earlier, during his tenure as president of PowerLight Corporation, Shugar oversaw revenue growth from less than $1 million to over $800 million. He has invented various PV system applications, holds multiple U.S. patents and has published over 50 technical papers. He holds a BS in electrical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Golden Gate University.
Media Contact: Susan DeVico,

Grace King
King is an entrepreneur who strongly believes that as the world climate is evolving and the leading powers consume petroleum and coal based energy at a breakneck pace, alternative forms of energy such as solar will be increasingly vital to the global society of nations. Solarrific comes from her rich background of over 20 years working with engineers and factories on hundreds of different energy saving products. Solarrific has enabled King to promote renewable solar and dynamo energy by offering consumers functional solar energy systems, solar energy and dynamo electronics for everyday and emergency use, home and garden products, and much more.  In a country that is behind in this area, King has become an advocate for renewable energy in America. She encourages people to be independent and live off the grid, whether it is on a daily basis or when an emergency strikes. Dedicated to helping individuals lead energy saving and cost-efficient lives, King's hope is that her products make these objectives a little easier. She is available to discuss energy products for the home, solar energy, and disaster preparation.
Media Contact: Melissa Dorman,

Zolaikha Strong
Director of Sustainable Energy
Copper Development Association
In her role as the director of sustainable energy, Strong works to support policymakers in the development of energy policies and regulations, with manufacturers on the development of new technologies, promotes the value of copper-related solutions in energy efficient systems, and builds partnerships with sustainable-energy advocates.  Prior to her work at CDA,  Strong was the manager of federal regulatory affairs at the Edison Electric Institute in Washington, D.C. She also has served as an energy analyst with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  She holds a graduate degree in public administration from Columbia University and a bachelor of science in business administration from Seton Hall University. She resides in Alexandria, Va., with her husband and son.
Media Contact: Ron X. Gumucio,

Mick Womersley
Professor of Human Ecology, Sustainability and Global Change Center
Unity College
Dr. Womersley is the primary architect of the Unity College campus, which has become one of the most solar-friendly, forward-leaning college campuses in the United States. Born in northern England, Womersley served in the Royal Air Force from 1978-1985 as an aircraft technician and mountain rescue specialist. He guided in Montana for two years prior to attending the University of Montana for a biology degree and a master's in resource conservation from the Forestry School. He then went on to the University of Maryland Policy School, where he studied under Peter G. Brown, Herman Daly, Mark Sagoff, Steve Fetter, and Carmen Reinhart, among other important academics working in the nexus between sustainability, ethics, and economics. He graduated with distinctions in normative analysis and economics in 2002, following successful completion of a dissertation on American religiosity and climate science acceptance. After a short stint at the University of Georgia's Institute of Ecology, Womersley came to Unity College in 2000 to help develop sustainability programs. He teaches classes in climate change, sustainability, economics, and energy. His current research interests are in wind power assessment and mapping. Each summer he runs a field program in wind measurements to support this work, using students as crew members. He is also the faculty advisor to the Unity College Search and Rescue Team, Resource Officer for Maine Search and Rescue, and co-editor of the Royal Air Force Mountain Rescue Association's annual journal "On the Hill."
Media Contact: Mark Tardif,

Sunny Rai
Regional Vice President for Renewable Energy
Intertek, a third-party global testing and certification company, is the comprehensive source for all photovoltaic testing and certification needs. Intertek is one of the first companies to offer bankability testing, which helps companies validate the long-term performance and reliability of their PV systems and is critical to attract investors and gain subsidies from banks or government entities.
In his role, Rai provides strategic directions for Intertek's photovoltaic, wind, smart grid and semiconductor businesses. In his more than 25 years with Intertek, Rai has helped several solar, semiconductor and FPD equipment manufacturers and users establish product safety and global regulatory compliance programs. He has been instrumental in establishing Intertek as a key player in the photovoltaic industry with laboratories in San Francisco and Lake Forest, Calif., and Shanghai, China. Recently, he also began implementing Intertek's end-to-end smart grid testing, certification and consulting services for safety, compliance and interoperability. Rai holds a B.Sc. degree from the University of Delhi in India and a degree in electronic engineering technology from San Francisco. He has been recognized as an international expert in the field of solar module testing and certification, with several published articles and presentations at industry events to his credit.
Rai will be presenting at Intersolar on the topic of "
Non-Standardized Testing for New Technology Module Designs and a Review of New Reliability Test Methods," July 9 at 4:15 p.m. PDT in the InterContinental Hotel, and will be available during the conference in Intertek booth 7217.

Media Contact: Alyssa Chiazim,



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