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Apr 12, 2013, 17:29 ET from ProfNet

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  • Why Most Stuttering Therapies Don't Work -- Until Now
  • Top Three Home Remodel Trends
  • Avian Influenza in Humans


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  • Managing Editor – I-5 Publishing (CA)
  • Editor – The Springfield Sun (KY)


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Why Most Stuttering Therapies Don't Work -- Until Now
Dr. Ron Webster
President and Founder
Hollins Communications Research Institute
"Stuttering is a misunderstood and often mistreated condition that inhibits a person's ability to realize life's potential. Research shows that traditional therapies only help in about 25 percent of cases. Those who try psychological treatment, medication and self-help programs experience even lower fluency outcomes. Yet, science explains why most therapies fall short of helping stutterers become fluent. Findings by nonprofit Hollins Communications Research Institute reveal that stuttering happens in the muscles, not in the mind. Now, a physically-based treatment, which incorporates new technology, helps the vast majority of stutterers retrain their speech muscles to achieve lasting fluency."
With National Stuttering Awareness Week May 13-19, Dr. Webster, a clinical psychologist and national stuttering expert, is available to discuss new, scientifically based treatment strategies. His nonprofit stuttering research and therapy center has served 6,200 people from 48 countries.
Media Contact: Jules Sowder,

Top Three Home Remodel Trends
Dani Kohl
Program Coordinator, Interior Design Program
The Art Institute of Indianapolis
"Due to foreclosures and short sales, home buyers are snatching up great homes at reduced prices and remodeling to create a modern home. TV interior design shows are mostly about buying and remolding a home versus building from scratch or finding a new property that precisely fits a wish list with plenty of personal requirements."
Kohl, an architect and interior designer, says the top remodeling trends include: 1) uniting the kitchen and living room for an open-floor concept; 2) culture dictating an increase square footage: for entertainment, haven from a busy work schedule, and modern luxuries; 3) finding multi-functional uses for both spaces and furniture alike. She can also speak about custom residential design, space planning, materials and resources, and kitchen designs. She has owned her own architecture and interior design company for six years and is a registered interior designer in the state of Indiana.
Media Contact: Lesley C. Valentin,

Avian Influenza in Humans
Dr. Nancy Dreyer
Global Chief of Scientific Affairs
Quintiles Outcome
"Avian influenza is a frightening disease. Case fatality rates can be in excess of 80 percent and death generally comes within 10 days of symptom onset."
With the emergence of the H7N9 influenza virus in China and fears surfacing of a global outbreak, Dr. Dreyer, an epidemiologist and avian flu expert, is available to discuss the progression of avian influenza in humans, including the largest study of human avian influenza ever published, which she led. Dr. Dreyer will deliver the keynote speech at the World Vaccine Congress, April 16-18, on "Influenza and the Vaccine Conundrum." She also recently published an article on "Investigating Outbreaks of Novel Infectious Disease" in the Journal for Clinical Studies. She is global chief of scientific affairs at Quintiles Outcome and, as part of her studies, has led the development of a one-of-a-kind global database (i.e., Avian Flu Registry) that has collected detailed information on clinical presentation, treatment, and the course of human influenza A/H5N1 from 12 countries.
ProfNet Profile:
Media Contact: Robert Stanislaro,



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