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Aug 31, 2015, 11:56 ET from ProfNet

NEW YORK, Aug. 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Below are experts from the ProfNet network that are available to discuss timely issues in your coverage area.

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  • Should Strategic Investors Also Become Tactical Investors?
  • Real Estate Agent Security
  • Workplace Equality


  • Writer – Vox (DC)
  • Freelance Reporter – Kentucky Today (KY)
  • Reporter – Navarre Press (FL)


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  • The Blog Blog: How to Make Graphics on Your Phone
  • First-Time Speaker: Four Tips to Build Your Speaking Career


Should Strategic Investors Also Become Tactical Investors?
Andrew Murdoch
Somerset Wealth Strategies
"The recent market sell-off was a wake-up call. Strategic investing – basic buy-and-hold investing that follows a stock-heavy asset allocation model over time – is fine if you're disciplined and relatively young. But it has limitations, especially if you're approaching or in retirement. It's increasingly tough to ride out a bear market when you know your portfolio is your primary source of income. It's even worse if you are regularly withdrawing funds from your portfolios – regular withdrawals in a bear market make it almost impossible to eventually recover all paper losses. Older investors should consider splitting their portfolio 50/50 between a strategic portfolio and a tactical portfolio – a computer algorithm-driven program that moves you in and out of the market at appropriate times, guided solely by price. Essentially, this is an elegant stop-loss trading program. The Toews Growth Portfolio -- one of several good tactical investment approaches available – declined a token 1.6 percent in the 2008 bear market. The S&P 500, by contrast, plummeted 37 percent."
Andrew Murdoch, president of Somerset Wealth Strategies, is also a RetireMentor columnist for Marketwatch. He can discuss whether older investors should consider supplementing a strategic investment program with a tactical investment program to help ride through ride bear markets. Murdoch says there are several good tactical investment programs, including one offered by Toews Corporation that tracks the prices of U.S. and international stocks and high yield bonds. When stocks decline 2.5 percent in value, clients move out and into the money market in a few days. They do the opposite on the flip side -- when the index rebounds, an algorithm directs money back into stocks. Toews' flagship portfolio sidestepped the last two bear markets and underperformed the S&P 500 by less than 1 percentage point from its inception in 1997 through 2014 even though the portfolio included high yield bonds.
Contact: Steven Kaufman, 

Real Estate Agent Security
Justyn Hornor
Co-Founder, Chief Technical Officer
Real Agent Guard
"When Arkansas Realtor Beverly Carter vanished in fall 2014 while showing a house to a prospective buyer, the community was devastated. The suspect in the case initially told reporters he had targeted Carter because "she was just a woman who worked alone – a rich broker. The fact is, violence against real estate agents is very real and has become an everyday concern for the industry."
Hornor has dedicated his career to keeping Realtors safe. According to him, there are two types of crimes: planned and opportunistic. He recommends a three-prong safety strategy for real estate agents: 1) Deter a potential crime by being perceived as a hard target. 2) Employ specific tactics during the showing. 3) Be prepared for a worst-case scenario.
Hornor is the co-founder and chief information officer for Real Agent Guard, a company that created an app for real estate agents with an array of safety tools, such as video monitoring, real-time geo-location tracking, failsafe PIN codes and more. He was a sergeant in the Arkansas Army National Guard and a software developer by trade. His security expertise comes from his role in the Army, where he provided personal security. His focus is ensuring the security systems developed by Real Agent Guard are easy-to-use, redundant, and work with day-to-day tasks real estate agents engage in. Hornor and his co-founder Tim Brasuell, a police officer for 13 years, developed the security platform in response to agent Beverly Carter's tragic murder. They wanted to build a powerful, yet affordable, security solution that acts as a safety net for agents.
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Contact: Kila Owens, 

Workplace Equality
Jim Patterson
Human Rights Advocate
Human Rights Issues
"Workplace discrimination still happens to African-Americans, as we can see from frequent press accounts. It continues to happen unabated to millions of LGBTQ workers in states that refuse to grant employment protections. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act, in Congressional limbo since the 1990s, is needed now more than ever to end the historic income inequality forced on the LGBTQ community by uncaring, bigoted employers. More work is needed to 'change the straight world' when it comes to expanding employment protections to workers based on their sexuality. It has proven a tough sell from the 1960s to today."
Human rights advocate Jim Patterson is a writer, speaker, and lifelong diplomat for dignity for all people. In a remarkable life spanning the civil rights movement to today's human rights struggles, he stands as a voice for the voiceless. A prolific writer, he documents history's wrongs and the struggle for dignity to provide a roadmap to a more humane future.
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