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  • Final Rule Issued for Mental Health Parity
  • A Crash Course in LED Lighting for the Home
  • Helping Parkinson's Care Partners to Prepare for Their Journey
  • Supplements for Fitness Enthusiasts
  • Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities (CRPD)
  • Realities of Travel Nursing
  • Overcoming the Guilt of Putting a Loved One in a Nursing Home


  • Editorial Writer – The Augusta Chronicle (GA)
  • Staff Editor – The Hollywood Reporter (CA)
  • Director of Online Content Products – PR Newswire (NJ)


  • Media 411: Can Newspapers Still Be Considered Mass Media?
  • Blog Notes: Tech, Men's Lifestyle, Personal Finance Blogs
  • Fraud Solutions Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple



Final Rule Issued for Mental Health Parity
Lisa S. Kantor, Esq.
Founding Partner
Kantor & Kantor, LLP
"The Final Rule presents an immense improvement to the MHPEA. Not only does this mandate the way insurers interpret the law, but it lays the foundation for true parity for those seeking treatment for mental illness and addiction. I am confident that the Final Rule for this law will remove significant barriers to those seeking mental health and addiction treatment. Furthermore, this will provide my clients -- most of whom suffer with eating disorders -- access to life-saving treatment."
Kantor, an authority on health insurance law and mental health parity, represents people denied health benefits for treatment of both physical and mental illnesses. Most recently, she has focused her efforts litigating insurance company denials of coverage for residential treatment of eating disorders. Kantor & Kantor is the only law firm in the country with a distinct eating-disorder practice staffed with lawyers and other professionals experienced in the specific needs of people who have been denied benefits for eating disorder treatment. Kantor & Kantor sues health plans that refuse coverage, or agree to pay for treatment for a short period of time, forcing patients to be discharged before their health is restored. In 2007, they won the first published eating-disorder decision in California in which the court applied the state's mental health parity law to beneficiaries who sought treatment outside California. In August 2012, she won the first federal court ruling that determined health plans must pay for all medically necessary treatment for mental illnesses, including residential treatment.
Media Contact: Rachel Teicher,

A Crash Course in LED Lighting for the Home
Jayson Serrault
Lighting Expert
Batteries Plus Bulbs
 "LED light bulbs are finally making headway as prices drop and talks of traditional incandescent bulbs being phased out of store shelves continue. However, it's still a stressful shopping time for consumers looking to make the switch to energy efficient lighting in the home."
Lighting expert Serrault is available to discuss how to phase out the popular incandescent and how to find the best LED for your home lighting needs. He can provide tips on how to save hundreds of dollars on energy bills as well as discuss the types of LEDs that are best for different rooms and applications.  
Media Contact: Kelly Anne Evans,

Helping Parkinson's Care Partners to Prepare for Their Journey
Christiana Evers, M.P.A.
Vice President, Communications
Parkinson's Disease Foundation
"There are more than one million care partners who play a critical role in the lives of people with Parkinson's disease. As they help their loved one to manage the disease, care partners will face many challenges. But there are resources available to help care partners prepare for this journey and feel supported along the way."
Evers is available for interviews as are care partners who volunteer with the Parkinson's Disease Foundation. This November, during National Family Caregivers Month, we invite care partners to use our free resources, including a toll-free HelpLine, an upcoming webinar and educational materials.
ProfNet Profile:
Media Contact: Melissa Barry,


Supplements for Fitness Enthusiasts
Joseph C. Maroon, M.D., FACS,
Professor and Vice Chairman
Department of Neurological Surgery and Heindl Scholar in Neuroscience
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
"Whether people are avid exercisers or just dealing with conditions like arthritis, they typically dull their joint pain with painkillers."
Dr. Maroon is available to discuss how an anti-inflammatory diet, including omega-3 fatty acids can help the body resolve inflammation to perhaps lessen the need for NSAIDs down the road. As a long-time researcher and author on the benefits of fish oil, he can also talk about how diet and lifestyle play into the recent adjustment in cardio-vascular risk guidelines and the potential impact on statin use. He is a world-renowned neurosurgeon, author, Ironman triathlete and special physician to the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Media Contact: Nicole Egan,

Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities (CRPD)
Paul Tobin
President and CEO
United Spinal Association & VetsFirst
"The Senate is preparing for a second hearing on CRPD, a crucial framework for global recognition of the rights of the millions of people living with disabilities worldwide. Ratification of the CRPD treaty would present the opportunity for a reaffirmation of ADA values and provide the forum to advance them worldwide."
Tobin is an expert advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, including disabled veterans.
Media Contact: Ahvi Spindell, 

Realities of Travel Nursing
Susan Fletcher, EdD, MSN, BSN
Professor, International and Multicultural Nursing Program
Chamberlain College of Nursing
"MTV's latest reality television series, "Scrubbing In" follows a group of traveling nurses and the so-called "reality" of their everyday lives: excessive partying, drinking and fighting. The series has garnered the attention of nursing industry leaders including the American Nurses Association, which recently issued an open letter opposing the series. The reality is that travel nurses play an integral role in easing staff shortages, adjusting staff levels for specific times of year or filling positions when nurses are on maternity leave or undergoing training."
Dr. Fletcher is available to expand on the realities of travel nursing, the growing need for nurses within this specialty and the benefits of nurses who pursue it. She can discuss destinations where nurses can elect to live in; choice of workplace; a range of options from fast-paced urban health system to small, community-based facility; career control and deciding where and when you want to work; professional and personal circles to grow connections with seasoned professionals and learn new techniques while also making new friends in the area. She developed Chamberlain College of Nursing's international and multicultural nursing program. She leads nursing students on international nursing service projects to Bolivia, Brazil, Kenya and the Philippines several times each year.
Media Contact: Jenna Simenic,

Overcoming the Guilt of Putting a Loved One in a Nursing Home
Anthony Cirillo, FACHE
Fast Forward Consulting
"As the holidays approach and we visit elders who we have not seen for a while, it may become apparent that they can no longer live in their home. Or you may be a caregiver at the end of your rope. I'll show you five ways to cope while making the decision a little easier."
Cirillo is a healthcare and aging expert and president of Fast Forward Consulting, he consults with physician practices, hospitals and long-term care facilities around strategic marketing and patient experience. He is the author of "Who Moved My Dentures?" which debunks myths about aging and long-term care. He is active in boomer and senior issues and serves as the assisted living expert for He has a Masters from Wharton in Organizational Dynamics.
In addition to numerous radio and TV appearances, he has been cited in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, U.S. News and World Report, CBS Interactive, Business Journal publications, Charlotte Observer, Philadelphia Inquirer, San Diego Union Tribune, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Information Week and more.
Expert Contact:  



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