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May 29, 2015, 13:00 ET from ProfNet

NEW YORK, May 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Below are experts from the ProfNet network that are available to discuss timely issues in your coverage area.

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  • Coping With Vision Loss Is a Daily Struggle
  • The Secret to Living Gracefully While Striving to Have It All
  • The New High Blood Pressure Guidelines – What's the Controversy?
  • How the MitraClip Is Revolutionizing Cardiovascular Treatment
  • The New EPA Water Rule
  • FIFA Indictments Raise Jurisdiction Questions
  • Father's Day Tips for Bonding with Kids Over Books


  • Sports Producer – Seattle Times (WA)
  • Food, Farming and Science Writer – Genetic Literacy Project (DC)
  • Writer/Editor – (GA)


  • Top 3 Ways Journalists Use Social Media
  • Behind the Scenes of PR Trade Publications
  • PR Newswire Media Moves, May 26 Edition


Coping With Vision Loss Is a Daily Struggle
Jose Romano, M.D.
Chief, Stroke Division; Professor, Clinical Neurology
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
NovaVision, Inc.
"Even partial blindness has a dramatic effect on people's ability to live their daily lives, preventing them from working, driving, reading, shopping, crossing a road or staying home alone without help. Computer-based, non-invasive therapies are making a meaningful, positive impact on the quality of life for these people."
Dr. Romano is available to discuss Vision Restoration Therapy (VRT), the only clinically supported, FDA-cleared therapy available today to restore vision loss due to neurological damage. Decades of research and 20 clinical studies have shown that 70% of patients benefit from the therapy and increase their visual field. For over two decades, Dr. Romano has been focused on stroke recovery, participated in research and published on restorative approaches to homonymous hemianopsia. He has extensive experience with the restoration of vision following stroke. In 2011, he was awarded the Cor Vitae Stroke Award, honoring physicians who advance the treatment and prevention of stroke.
Contact: Michelle Tennant Nicholson,

The Secret to Living Gracefully While Striving to Have It All
Josselyne Herman-Saccio
Communication Expert
"Life does not have to be torn by conflict. Instead, we can learn to work through disagreements with our loved ones, friends, colleagues and everyone in our lives by practicing new ways of communicating."
For 19 years, Herman-Saccio has led programs for Landmark, an international training and development company. These programs are designed to inspire effectiveness and creativity in others, enabling them to make their own dreams come true and to make the world a better place.
ProfNet Profile:
Contact: Michelle Tennant Nicholson,

The New High Blood Pressure Guidelines – What's the Controversy?
Jason L. Guichard, M.D., Ph.D.
Cardiologist, Scientist and Writer
"The recent changes to high blood pressure guidelines mark a significant directional change. Of the changes, the most controversial is the essential substitution of the 'the lower the LDL the better' mindset for the broad use of statins, a form of medication."
Located in Birmingham, Ala., Dr. Guichard is available to speak on various cardiology topics. He is particularly experienced in the topics of hypertension (high blood pressure) and cholesterol.
Contact: Spencer Belkofer,

How the MitraClip Is Revolutionizing Cardiovascular Treatment
Dr. Mustafa Ahmed
Director of Structural Heart Disease
"The current trend is cardiology is technological advances allowing patients and physicians to substitute highly advanced mechanical devices for open heart surgery. For example, the MitraClip allows patients with mitral regurgitation -- commonly referred to as a leaky heart valve -- to undergo a lower risk, non-invasive procedure."
Dr. Ahmed was trained as an interventional cardiologist at University of Alabama - Birmingham and was recently appointed director of structural heart disease at Princeton Hospital. He is available to speak about the technological and procedural advances within the field of cardiology and 3D imaging, as well as general cardiology and health-related topics. He is not affiliated with MitraClip and can provide an unbiased opinion.
Contact: Spencer Belkofer,

The New EPA Water Rule
Adam Ward
Indiana University School of Public & Environmental Affairs
"The newly released Clean Water Rule clarifies the jurisdiction of the EPA in enforcing the Clean Water Act. The Act historically included navigable waters. However, several recent court decisions (e.g., Rapanos v. United States, 2006) have clarified that the physical, chemical, and biological integrity of these waters is dependent upon its connectivity to non-navigable waters. The rule stems from years of effort between the EPA and USACoE to define the scope of waters protected by the Act. Protected waters are now more clearly defined as including tributaries, adjacent wetlands, and several other types of waters with varying degrees of connectivity to navigable waters."
Ward is an Associated Professor at the Indiana University School of Public & Environmental Affairs.
Contact: Agata Porter,

FIFA Indictments Raise Jurisdiction Questions
William Birdthistle
IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
"The indictments of high-ranking soccer officials in FIFA raise fascinating questions about the legality and prudence of America's ability to prosecute foreigners in international jurisdictions. America may be the only country on earth with both the power to bring these charges and the lack of concern about possible soccer-related retribution. The United Kingdom, France, and Germany might seem like more obvious countries to prosecute corruption in world soccer, but they would also be greatly concerned about losing tournaments or suffering other punishment if FIFA doesn't change its ways. The biggest open question now is whether the Department of Justice wants to -- and can -- go after Sepp Blatter."
PR Contact: Gwendolyn E. Osborne,

Father's Day Tips for Bonding with Kids Over Books
Lisa Cohn
Father's Day is an opportunity for dads to bond with kids over books. They shouldn't just read with kids before they go to bed; they should make reading a hands-on adventure. Together, dads and kids can learn about their favorite authors' lives, review books -- even on YouTube -- contact the authors with questions, and request interviews with authors. Dads and their children can write books together and join reading and writing groups. Reading and writing with kids boosts kids' love of reading, teaches them to be critical readers, and helps dads identify topics that interest both father and child. Adds Cohn: "I've learned so much from Michael, my 6-year-old book lover and co-author, about how to read to a child. It's not about the perfunctory just-before-bed read; it's about actively engaging with kids about books, writing, and authors throughout the day, every day."
Cohn and her son Michael are co-authors of the award-winning "Bash and Lucy" book series. They take part in numerous literacy programs, sharing Michael's love of reading and writing. This year, they Skyped with students of all ages twice a week via Skype in the classroom and also made in-person visits to schools and literacy programs. Michael was also featured on the "Today" show for his love of books when he was 5. You can see his YouTube book reviews, clips from his "Skype in the classroom" visits, and author interviews on their Profnet profile below.
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