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Jun 09, 2014, 15:45 ET from ProfNet

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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Investing in Real Estate
  • Bold, Not Bitchy, in the Boardroom
  • Working While on Vacation? Time to Reconsider
  • Summer Interview Attire
  • Are Parents Legally Bound to Pay for College: The Debate Rages
  • Mongolia: The World's Fastest Growing Economy


  • Editor - Tech Times (NY)
  • Sports Writer - Daily News-Record (VA)
  • Reporter, South Bay Courts - Law360 (CA)


  • How HuffPo Creates Value With Communities
  • Tips for Writing an About Page When You Hate Writing About Yourself
  • The Q&A Team: Anna Renault on Sharing Her Experiences Through Podcasts



Advantages and Disadvantages of Investing in Real Estate
Pej Barlavi
Barlavi Realty LLC
"There are several advantages to hold onto an investment property. First there are the tax incentives as many cities are giving very good tax incentives to start a business or buy property or to develop residential and commercial properties to increase the traffic and draw new business into particular neighborhoods. The downside of investing in real estate are the monthly expenses, high insurance rates, oil and gas expenses especially coming out of a very cold and long winter we had.  The expenses cut into the investors pocket sometimes in a significant way, and some months you may not cover your carrying costs."
Barlavi, a real estate expert, is available to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of investing in real estate. He is based in New York.
Media Contact: Ryan McCormick,

Bold, Not Bitchy, in the Boardroom
Wendy Capland
Vision Quest Consulting
Jill Abramson's recent controversial firing from her position as executive editor of the New York Times has many people crying, "sexism." Many are blaming her unceremonious ousting on a bold/bitchy double standard applied to men and women in the workforce. Says Capland: "Women who walk into the world or the boardroom bold and tall are often told to stand down, as they are too domineering."
Capland, a women's leadership development expert, can explain why it is that a forceful man who holds his staff accountable may be seen as strong and bold, while a woman with the same attributes may be considered domineering and polarizing. She can also discuss how women can hone their leadership skills to be assertive and lead with strength and conviction without alienating their staffs. Capland is known as one of America's top women leaders in transformational motivation and leadership development. As CEO of the 45 member executive business consulting firm, Vision Quest Consulting, she has 25 years of experience working with hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals developing their most important asset, their people. She has appeared on radio and TV nationwide and is the author of "Your Next Bold Move for Women: 9 Proven Steps to Everything You Ever Wanted." 
Media Contact: Mara Quigley,

Working While on Vacation? Time to Reconsider
Joffrey Suprina
Dean of the College of Behavioral Sciences
Argosy University
"With studies showing that more than 23 percent of Americans taking no vacation at all and more than half admitting to working even when they do take one, work is taking a toll on our physical and mental health. A well-placed vacation can help break the cycle of workplace-related stress. Effectively managing work while you are out of the office can be key to reaping the benefits of time away."
Suprina is available to speak about the importance of time away from work and offer advice on how to manage work in advance of the trip so that time spent away from the office offers the chance to recharge.
Media Contact: Anne Dean,

Summer Interview Attire
Chasity Trzop
Regional Director of Career Services
Brown Mackie College in Louisville
"As temperatures rise, some interviewees forget to match the suitability of their attire to the occasion of a job interview. While keeping cool is doubtless a priority for all of us in summer, every job seeker needs to know the dress code for the industry they wish to join and dress appropriate to it. After all, you want the interviewer to remember you, not your clothes."
Trzop is available to speak about appropriate interview attire, no matter the weather, and how interviewees can put their best foot forward.
Media Contact: Anne Dean,

Are Parents Legally Bound to Pay for College: The Debate Rages
Tanya Helfand
Helfand & Associates
Escalating college costs -- old news. Parents being legally bound to pay for college for their children -- currently in debate. Children of divorced parents being treated differently in regard to who pays for their college education as opposed to who pays for college for children from intact families. With student loan debt crippling future generations before they even have a job or a chance to make money in this faltering economy -- along with unanswered questions on the age of when a child is legally emancipated, a lack of uniform federal guidelines on a parent's responsibility to pay for a child's college education, spiraling student loan debt, the potential for college educated graduates to have to file for student loan bankruptcy -- the public outcry is just starting. Right now it's just a whisper where there needs to be a roar. Says Helfand: "I am impassioned by the unfortunate trajectory of swelling college cost, a lackluster job market, laws that are not effectively in place to protect children and bankruptcy a sad option to thrust upon generations of college students."
As the attorney for Rachel Canning, the New Jersey teen who successfully sued her parents for college support, Helfand can speak authoritatively on the immediate need for laws to offer adequate protections. This is a topic whose day has come.
ProfNet Profile:
Media Contact: Amy Delman,

Mongolia: The World's Fastest Growing Economy
Harris Kupperman
Executive Chairman
Mongolia Growth Group
"With over $2 trillion in mineral resources, along with a unique geographic position between Russia and China, mean that Mongolia will remain the world's fastest growing economy for decades into the future."
Russia and China have recently announced a $400 billion natural gas deal along with other trading initiatives. Mongolia will be a natural beneficiary of the infrastructure build as these two nations increase their trading relationship. As Executive Chairman of one of the largest publicly traded companies in Mongolia, Kupperman is uniquely positioned to talk about progress on this program.
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