Profound Evaluation and Development Trend of China's Power Quality Management System Market, 2013-2017

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In recent years, the power quality management system market gained rapid development driven by various parties, especially in the aspects of filtering device and reactive-load compensation equipments, and the compound annual growth rate was more than 16%. In 2011, the scale of China's power quality management market reached CNY 8 billion. It is estimated that this market will keep the annual growth rate of 12% to 20% during the "Twelfth Five-Year" period, and the market scale will exceed CNY 12 billion and CNY 19 billion in 2015 and 2017 respectively.

China is still in the primary stage in the power quality product field, and many early built large-scale enterprises have not completed the automation transformation, therefore, the demand for power quality management devices accounts for about 70% of the total demand for power quality products. Monitoring device & software and service account for about 15% of the overall market respectively, and the proportion accounted by monitoring device is slightly higher.

Power quality product manufacturing industry is in the initial stage of emerging industry, and becomes a key research and investment filed for the enterprises at home and abroad, and also, this filed is supported by national policies. In the macro context of energy saving and emission reduction, the market space was enlarged sharply, which drives many enterprises, including many listed enterprises to join the production of power quality products; this situation gradually intensifies the market competition.

Among the domestic enterprises, Rongxin Power Electronic Co., Ltd and C-EPRI Science & Technology Co., Ltd occupy the leading position in the fields of power grid reactive power compensation and harmonic management; the products of Sieyuan Electric Co., Ltd also occupy certain market share in this field.

There are more than 1,000 enterprises that engaged in the fields of public power quality improvement, harmonic management devices and reactive power compensation devices production, however, very few enterprises can research and produce dynamic reactive power compensation devices and active harmonic management devices at the same time. At present, the key enterprises in public power quality improvement field are: Sinpower Electric Co., Ltd, Shandong University Hoteam Science & Technology Co., Ltd, Hubei Surpass Sun Electric Co., Ltd and Shenzhen Sinexcel Electric Co., Ltd, etc.

1. Overview of Power Quality Management System Products1.1 Definition1.2 Applications and Features1.2.1 Applications1.2.2 Features

2. Global Power Quality Management System Market

2.1 Overview

2.2 Foreign Well-known Enterprises

2.2.1 Schneider Electric

2.2.2 Eaton

2.2.3 Fluke Electric

3. Environment of China's Power Quality Management System Industry3.1 China's Economic Development Environment3.1.1 GDP3.1.2 Investment in the Fixed Assets3.1.3 Employment Situation of Urban Population 3.1.4 Development Forecast of China's Macro-Economy from 2013 to 20173.2 Policy of China's Power Quality Management System Industry3.3 Interpretation of the "Twelfth Five-Year" Plan3.3.1 Accelerate the Transformation of Economic Development Model and Create a New Situation of Scientific Development3.3.2 Adhere to the Strategy of Expanding Domestic Demand and Maintain the Stable and Rapid Economic Development3.3.3 Promote Agricultural Modernization and Accelerate the Construction of New Socialist Countryside3.3.4 Develop Modern Industrial System and Improve the Industry Core Competitiveness3.3.5 Promote Coordinated Regional Development; Promote Urbanization Actively and Steadily3.4 Technological Environment of China's Power Quality Management System Industry3.4.1 Overview of Technological Development 3.4.2 Technological Characteristics or Technological Process3.4.3 Technological Development Trend

4. Upstream and Downstream Industry Chain of Power Quality Management System Industry

4.1 Industry Chain

4.1.1Introduction of Industry Chain Model

4.1.2 Industry Chain Model of Power Quality Management System Industry

4.2 Development of Upstream Industries

4.3 Development of Downstream Industries

5. Market Analysis of China's Power Quality Management System Industry5.1 Market Status5.2 Market Demand and the Forecast5.2.1 Market Demand 5.2.2 Market Demand Forecast from 2013 to 20175.3 Analysis of Import& Export Data 5.3.1 Import& Export Data5.3.2 Forecast of Imports and Exports 5.4 Development of Segmentation Products 5.4.1 Reactive Power Compensation Devices5.4.2 Harmonic Treatment Devices5.4.3 High-voltage Reactive Power Compensation Devices

6. Price Trend of China's Power Quality Management System Industry

6.1 Prices

6.2 Factors Affecting the Prices of Domestic Products

6.3 Price Forecast

7. Key Enterprises7.1 Rongxin Power Electronic Co., Ltd.7.1.1 Company Profile7.1.2 Competitive Advantages7.1.3 Financial Indexes7.1.4 Development Strategy7.2 Sieyuan Electric Co., Ltd.7.2.1 Company Profile7.2.2 Competitive Advantages7.2.3 Financial Indexes7.2.4 Development Strategy7.3 Wasion Group7.3.1 Company Profile7.3.2 Competitive Advantages7.3.3 Financial Indexes7.3.4 Development Strategy7.4 Beijing Sifang Automation Co., Ltd.7.4.1 Company Profile7.4.2 Competitive Advantages7.4.3 Financial Indexes7.4.4 Development Strategy7.5 China Titans Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd.7.5.1 Company Profile7.5.2 Competitive Advantages7.5.3 Financial Indexes7.5.4 Development Strategy7.6 Suzhou Industrial Park Heshun Electric Co., Ltd.7.6.1 Company Profile7.6.2 Competitive Advantages7.6.3 Financial Indexes7.6.4 Development Strategy

8. Competitive Landscape

8.1 Industry Concentration Ratio

8.2 SWOT

8.3 Competitive Landscape from 2010 to 2015

9. Overall Development Situation of China's Power Quality Management System Industry9.1 Market Characteristics9.1.1 The Market is still in the Initial Stage9.1.2 The Development Driving Force is Insufficient 9.1.3 Technical Development Promotes the Rapid Development of the Market9.2 Development Opportunity9.2.1 The Sustainable Growth of Macro-economy Promotes the Rapid Development of PTD (Power Transmission and Distribution) Devices9.2.2 Opportunity from the Increase of Power Demand and Power Grid Investment9.2.3 Governments and Enterprises Pay more Attention to Energy-saving and Cost-reducing9.2.4 Power Sectors' Strict Requirements on Power Grid Quality Provide Strong Driving Force to the Industry9.2.5 Opportunity from the Development of New Energy9.2.6 Harmonic Source of Public Power Grid Increases Largely; the Demand for Harmonic Management Products Increases Rapidly

10. Investment Suggestions from Experts

10.1 Investment Risk

10.1.1 Risk from Customer Concentration

10.1.2 Risk from Competitions

10.1.3 Risk from Changes of Raw Material Prices

10.1.4 Risk from Human Resource

10.2 Coping Strategy

10.2.1 Grasp the Opportunity of Government Investment

10.2.2 The Implementation of Competitive Strategic Alliances

10.2.3 Enterprises' Copy Strategy

11. Industry Development Trend and Suggestions11.1 Development Trend11.1.1 Development Trend of Power Quality Monitoring System 11.1.2 Improve Power Quality Management Level11.1.3 Active Power Filter is an Important Trend11.2 Development Suggestions11.2.1 Product Strategy11.2.2 Price Strategy11.2.3 Channel Strategy11.2.4 Service Strategy

Companies Mentioned Rongxin Power Electronic Co., Ltd.

Sieyuan Electric Co., Ltd.

Wasion Group

Beijing Sifang Automation Co., Ltd.

China Titans Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Industrial Park Heshun Electric Co., Ltd

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