Project Shotblock Seeks Crowdfunding for New Webcam Blocker

Nov 04, 2013, 14:15 ET from Project Shotblock

CLEMENTON, New Jersey, November 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

The Shotblock, patent pending, is a new and convenient device fitted over a webcam and used to protect one's privacy from hackers or other prying eyes.

Project Shotblock is urgently seeking crowdfunding to raise $2000 by Thursday October 31, 2013, 2:05 pm EDT for its new device, designed to cover a laptop or tablet user's webcam and prevent hackers from spying on the lives of their victims.  The money will be used to finish the first batch of units and pay for costs attributed to securing the utility patent.

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"A Webcam is a window into your personal life that anyone can access," said Charles Meyer, one of the project's leaders, "You may not use your webcam that often, but a computer hacker can use it against you."  Webcam hacking is on the rise, and most recently made the news in the form of when Cassidy Wolf revealed that she became a victim of webcam hacking and extortion just months before being crowned Miss Teen USA 2013. 

This invasion is not new. It's been around for years. Most victims are unaware that someone is watching them, and that it can happen so easily. Secret links are embedded in information that can be accessed by browsing the Internet, and hackers simply trick the individual into running a file. Email attachments are another way of targeting victims. The anguish, fear and frustration from such an intrusion can be overwhelming, and most of the time, the victim has no idea that the invasion has even occurred.

What makes the Shotblock different from other solutions is that it is reusable and removable, fitting easily over most laptops and tablets without risk of sticky residue build-up or scratching. It will help users take control of their privacy. When the webcam is not in use, simply slide the Shotblock over the camera. It's that simple.  Companies will have the added benefit of customizing the device by adding a company name and/or logo. They will be available in several finishes and make handy items to have at trade shows and giveaways.

Project Shotblock is designed for all laptop users, although women and children tend to be the most targeted by hackers. As an incentive to contribute to Project Shotblock, pledge levels have been created, giving backers an opportunity to be one of the first to receive this much-needed, timely product. The device is set to be manufactured by a family-owned shop in New Jersey when the $2000 level is reached.

About Project Shotblock

Project Shotblock is headed by student Charles Meyer who is currently working towards his Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems at the University of Delaware. He is enrolled in the HORN Entrepreneurial program that teaches him how to successfully implement a startup company. Business partner David Lehman, a third year law student at Rutgers-Newark, is studying Business, with a focus on Fourth amendment issues. Together, they seek monetary support to help fund the completion of this simple, easy-to-use device that will prevent "snoopers" from wreaking havoc in a laptop user's life.  To pledge, visit A video on the Project page shares more information. Also, follow them on Twitter and Facebook


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