Prolexic Announces Management Team, Names New President Stuart Scholly

CEO Scott Hammack appoints technology executive to seasoned management team

May 13, 2011, 07:00 ET from Prolexic Technologies

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., May 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Prolexic Technologies, the global leader in DDoS protection services, today announced that it has named Stuart Scholly as its new President. Mr. Scholly has over 20 years of experience with technology companies and brings a strong background of product management, operations, finance, and sales and marketing. He comes to Prolexic from Physicians Interactive, where he served as Chief Operating Officer, responsible for technical operations, customer marketing and information technology. Mr. Scholly also worked for Allscripts where he served as Vice President of Strategic Relationships and was responsible for eHealth strategies and partner relationships. He also served as Vice President of Product Management from 2000 to 2004 and was responsible for the development of Allscripts award-winning TouchWorks electronic health record and electronic prescribing systems.

Mr. Scholly is the 2010 Illinois Technology Association winner of the Spotlight Award, awarded to the CTO/CIO for leadership and outstanding contributions in the application of information technology. Mr. Scholly is a graduate of the Kellogg School of Business and the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He is joining the seasoned management team that has built the world's largest and most capable DDoS mitigation service and will be serving on Prolexic's Board of Directors.

Paul Sop – CTO: Mr. Sop brings 20+ years of technology leadership experience in high-tech high-growth companies. At Prolexic, Paul works with customers and researchers to direct and develop Prolexic's technology vision and R&D portfolio. Paul is a globally recognized authority on cyber-attacks and is a sought after speaker and advisor to Fortune 100 organizations. Prior to joining Prolexic, Paul founded several successful Internet and security companies including Golden Triangle Online, a leading ISP in Canada, Intellitactics, a market leader in security information management and RedWolf Security which is focused on realistic threat simulation.

Gus Cunningham – Chief Operating Officer: Mr. Cunningham has been an integral part of Prolexic's vision and its proactive growth plan since joining the management team in 2006. As COO since 2008 Gus has built a team of managers and staff who have worked closely together to achieve the leading position globally in DDoS mitigation technologies, with unequalled service capabilities. Gus' experience has been with process and automation technologies, and in his recent past he has growth managed hosting businesses in London, England.

Neal Quinn – Vice President of Operations: Neal brought his experience in networking, Internet backbone design, and accompanying managed services to Prolexic in 2008 and has positioned Prolexic's global scrubbing architecture to be robust, flexible, and unmatched in capabilities. Neal and his team have integrated a platform with tier 1 carriers and over 500 peering partners in a manner that enables Prolexic to address global botnet offensives and DDoS incidents without impact to our clients. Neal served as Network Architect for Globix Corporation from 2002-2005, providing leadership on both the Network Architecture and Network Security teams, and more recently Neal actively engaged in a high level consulting role with businesses and public sector teams in the UK and the US.

Greg Burns – Vice President of Sales and Marketing: Greg joined Prolexic in September 2008 and has managed the sales and marketing initiatives globally. He has led Prolexic's development of a team of professionals who have all contributed towards Prolexic's growth plan, achieving over 35% in annual growth 2008 to 2010. Prolexic has successfully and profitably grown revenues and developed its presence in enterprise banking, eCommerce, government, airline, and other sectors. Prolexic attributes its growth to a focus on delivering core service values and customer satisfaction achieved across a broad range of services. Greg's past experience with growing global service and technology businesses instrumental in developing profitable technical product and service solutions.

Gene Engelhart – Vice President of Finance: Mr. Engelhart has been with Prolexic since 2006 and has been instrumental in achieving and maintaining an ever-strengthening financial profile as Prolexic has navigated its growth, investment, and forward-looking market plans. Gene brings 30+ years of finance, operations, and services experience.

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