Prolific, National Bestselling Author John A. Andrews Will Release 3 Hard Hitting Novels in 2012, Including Rude Buay ... The Untouchable the Sequel to Rude Buay ... The Unstoppable

Aug 02, 2011, 18:18 ET from Books That Will Enhance Your Life

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Aug. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Known for his gritty, and twisted writing style in his diabolically encapsulating bestselling novel Rude Buay ... The Unstoppable, prolific, national bestselling author John A. Andrews is not only poised to release its sequel Rude Buay ... The Untouchable in Spring 2012, but will release two additional mystery, suspense, action thrillers consecutively, one in the summer and the other in the fall next year.

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This follow-up title Rude Buay ... The Untouchable is geared towards taking readers deeper into the mindset and philosophy of the Dragon Drug Cartel. This page turner unravels the mystery, deceit, corruption, deception, and inequities of all kinds behind the biggest and "baddest" drug cartel ever assembled. With its roots set in Jamaica, Miami and Colombia, this organization has now expanded its operation into Mexico, Asia, and most recently the American Canadian border.

The international setting for this chronicle has placed the Rude Buay Series amongst some of the elite action thrillers ever etched including the James Bond Series. Officially released on Independence Day 2010, Rude Buay ... The Unstoppable has since been translated in Spanish as Chico Rudo ... El Imparable, and most recently a Chinese edition was added to the mix. This 16th title for the author is still being requested at book signing events across the U.S. John A. Andrews has so far not only laid a foundation for this upcoming film to be shot in Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Hawaii, but has set the basis for an action adventure series like Ian Fleming created in the 80s with the Bond Series.

The Caribbean has been without a hero since "Ivanhoe Martin" played by Jimmy Cliff in The Harder They Come back in 1973. Rude Buay emerges as a new brandish hero with a no holds barred mindset. His wittiness and tenacity makes him into a character not only possessing grit, international pizzazz but longevity as well.

This original series is a "drug prevention" action thriller chronicle, sending a strong message to teens and adults alike. Andrews, not only delivers it with grit and gumption but allows it pound at your heart while tugging at your flesh. Its twists and turns are guaranteed to deliver your roller coaster experience.

According to Andrews, "I always wanted to become a cop while growing up in the Caribbean, and took it to another level by praying to become one. Even so, witnessing firsthand the corruption involving some of the finest, I had a change of mind."

Currently on a Multiple Titles Book Tour in the U.S., he has released over 30 titles in various genres including, personal development, relationships, success, teen empowerment, biography, and fiction. The author sees next year as the year of mystery, action, and suspense thrillers for his portfolio, according to Books That Will Enhance Your Life.

The author/producer who just released his memoir: When The Dust Settles I am Still Standing – A True Hollywood Story, and is working on moving the first installment of Rude Buay into pre-production.

Andrews will release these two additional novels next year: Cross Atlantic Fiasco, an action adventure featuring 3 ex-police officers caught on the wrong side of the law, and Who Shot The Sherriff, a whodunit chronicle. The first will be released in the summer and the latter in fall.

Rude Buay ... The Untouchable will be released in hardcover and could be made available for purchase as early as March 16th 2012 according to publishing sources for the Rude Buay series.

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