Promerica Health Unveils State-of-the-Art Mobile Health Screening Capabilities at 7th Annual Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress

Introduces "Transformative Health Experiences" to 2,500 Executives from Top Corporations in US

Sep 28, 2015, 13:57 ET from Promerica Health

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 2,500 executives from some of the country's largest corporations were on hand today as Promerica Health demonstrated its latest mobile health screening solution at the 7th Annual Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress in Orlando, FL, one of the largest health care conferences in the country.

Promerica Health, already a leader in mobile health screenings delivery, displayed its newest, state-of-the-art Mobile Health Vehicle at the conference. Part of a larger fleet of customizable and leasable vehicles available to clients, the vehicle serves as the centerpiece of Promerica Health's approach to employee health engagement. Promerica Health executives were on hand to explain how the offerings could be tailored to individual companies' needs, including how the program is currently used by other corporations, while a professional staff conducted health screenings for conference attendees to demonstrate Promerica Health's clinical capabilities. 

"When it comes to promoting health awareness and wellness outcomes among employees, there is no substitute for experience," said Stephen Woods, President/CEO of TideSmart Global, Promerica Health's parent company. "We tailor the experiences we deliver to meet the specific needs of our clients and their employees – and to make the experience of coordinating and delivering these services as turnkey as possible."

INCREASING PARTICIPATION BY BRINGING THE SOLUTION TO THE EMPLOYEES: With more and more large employers adding wellness programs in an attempt to improve not only employee morale but productivity, Promerica Health's mobile wellness solutions offer answers to many of the difficulties corporations face when launching programs: increasing employee participation, offering cost effective preventive services, providing services at a convenient location and time, and tailoring services to meet the company's specific needs.

According to a 2014 survey by Healthmine, fewer than half of employees with access to a corporate wellness program took advantage of the offering. Among the top reasons cited? Lack of time and inconvenient location or time. With a fleet of available Mobile Health Vehicles, Promerica Health delivers unique health and wellness programming directly to employees at a convenient location, eliminating the need for corporations to provide or arrange for space. Easy-to-use online scheduling and automated reminder systems help maximize enrollment and ensure attendance.

"Whether it is an office building or an annual meeting, we're able to deliver selected services wherever and whenever needed - regardless of the space available," Woods said. "Promerica Health's screening vehicles bring a clinically-compliant and comfortable experience to every location visited."

BETTER UNDERSTANDING & A HEALTHIER BOTTOM LINE: Screenings available include biometrics, blood testing, EKG, vision and hearing tests, mammography, and wellness coaching, among others, and are tailored to an individual company's needs. Employees are connected with wellness programs and coaching based on their individual results, and those who are already taking steps to optimize their health and well-being receive positive feedback and information about continuing down the healthy path. In Healthmine's study, more than half of those surveyed indicated that it was difficult to understand the personal health information they received or how to use that information to improve their health. Promerica Health's professional staff, among the most qualified and experienced screeners available nationwide, receive specific training for each corporate program and registered nurses are on site at all screenings, enabling the staff to provide qualified and educated insights.

PROMERICA HEALTH'S APPROACH GENERATES 'HEALTHY RETURNS' FOR EMPLOYEES AND EMPLOYERS: Employees at risk for chronic disease are identified, and through tailored interventions, chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes or heart disease are delayed or even prevented, while employers benefit from better-informed, healthier employees – and fewer missed work days. An added benefit for employers: the availability of wellness programs helps attract quality employees and increase job satisfaction, helping to lessen costly turnover.

"The bottom line is healthy employees result in greater productivity," Woods said. "Identifying health risks early and providing employees with the comprehensive information and direction they need is good for both the employee and their employer."

A LEADER IN THE MOBILE HEALTH SCREENING FIELD: Promerica Health annually visits thousands of sites across the country for a variety of Fortune 500 companies and has established itself as a leading provider of health screenings, employee wellness programming and related solutions. Promerica Health is compliant with all federal, state, and local laws that impact employee testing and strives to operate its laboratory in a manner even more stringent than mandated by the law. A part of the TideSmart Global Group, Promerica Health® is HIPAA compliant, under COLA's umbrella and a member of the Maine Cardiovascular Health Council.

"This is not your father's health screening unit," Woods said. "Promerica Health does not offer a one-size-fits-all solution - each company's needs are unique, their employees' needs are unique, and a Promerica Health Mobile Wellness Tour can be adapted to address those specific requirements. We work hard to make it easy for our clients."

PROMERICA HEALTH®: As a full-service health engagement and wellness company, headquartered in Falmouth, ME, Promerica Health® uses a mix of mobile, onsite, diagnostic and digital strategies to deliver transformative health experiences for some of the biggest brands, employers, non-profit organizations and healthcare stakeholders in the world. By blending experience design with clinical delivery, Promerica Health® is changing the way leading brands, employers, non-profit organizations and other healthcare stakeholders engage with their constituents. With a fleet of unique mobile health vehicles, secure data capture and reporting systems, customized educations apps, and full-time medical professionals and experience architects, Promerica Health® offers uncommon tools to aid these engagements. A part of part of the TideSmart Global Group, Promerica Health® is HIPPA compliant, under COLA's umbrella and a member of the Maine Cardiovascular Health Council.

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