Prometheus Research Creates New HTSQL Tools Designed for Easy Charts, Graphs, and Dashboards

No programming required for live web-based charts

Jun 18, 2010, 11:06 ET from Prometheus Research

NEW HAVEN, Conn., June 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Prometheus Research today announced live, easy-to-use, web-based chart commands for its breakthrough HTSQL database software.

These new HTSQL commands give businesses and organizations the ability to easily create dashboard components without programming or complicated database connections. HTSQL, developed by Prometheus Research, allows organizations to securely access and increase intelligence through dynamic, real-time, low-cost, web-based data access.  

"HTSQL chart commands let our users turn the results of a database request into a chart of their preferred size and type, simply by adding the command to the end of a URL," said Andrzej Pienczykowski, Executive Vice President of Product Strategy, Prometheus Research.  "The charts can then be presented on intranets, web pages, and blogs, and shared anywhere you can use a URL."

The new chart capability is one example of how easily client libraries can be integrated into HTSQL, according to Pienczykowski.  

The chart commands enhance HTSQL's ability to provide the easiest way to browse, search, and share data from SQL databases over the web.  HTSQL can output results in formats like XML and JSON, making it the perfect companion for popular web client libraries.  Additionally, HTSQL frees users from the complexities of coding and connecting to the database, allowing them to concentrate on the presentation and the data itself.

A live demo of HTSQL and its new charting features are available at

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Prometheus Research, New Haven, Conn., is a software development and professional services company innovating web-based tools to empower knowledge workers by making existing databases easily available on the web. Prometheus HTSQL quickly translates the language of the web (HTTP) into the language of databases (SQL), allowing businesses and organizations to securely access and increase their intelligence through dynamic, real-time, web-based database management.  Our markets include research institutions, research funding organizations, governments, and global businesses. Prometheus Research Informatics, our biomedical applications and informatics services, is used by world-renowned researchers and simplifies development of custom informatics systems for secure access to rich scientific data.

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