Prometheus Research Signs Catalyst Acquisition Group to Exclusive European Distribution Deal for HTSQL

Private Equity Firm Launches New HTSQL Data Access Tool into Scandinavian Markets

Jun 23, 2010, 13:45 ET from Prometheus Research

NEW HAVEN, Conn., June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Prometheus Research today signed a contract with Catalyst Acquisition Group LLC, offering it exclusive distribution rights in Europe for HTSQL, Prometheus Research's new database access tool.

The deal allows Catalyst, a Sussex, New Jersey-based international, private equity firm concentrating on corporate transformations, buyouts, and divestitures, to sell and distribute HTSQL throughout Europe and to its portfolio of companies, ranging from governments to technology firms. Catalyst's initial focus will be to distribute HTSQL into Scandinavian markets, where it has a strong presence in managing databases for municipal governments.

Prometheus Research's HTSQL software allows businesses and organizations to securely access and increase intelligence through dynamic, real-time, low-cost, web-based data management.

"We see Catalyst as important partner in launching our European sales and distribution for our game-changing HTSQL data access software," said Andrzej Pienczykowski, Executive Vice President of Product Strategy, Prometheus Research. "Catalyst's broad portfolio of companies and markets will be a great asset as we expand our business beyond North America."

"We are highly optimistic about selling into European Markets, starting with our support of the HTSQL product launch in Scandinavia," said Hans Amell, Chairman and CEO of Catalyst Acquisition Group. "It makes clear sense, given Catalyst's personal network with top level European and Scandinavian executive leadership, to act as the European penetration arm of the Prometheus HTSQL product."

About Catalyst Acquisition Group

Catalyst Acquisition Group, L.L.C. is an international, operationally focused, private equity firm concentrating on corporate transformations, buyouts, and divestitures, particularly where time is a factor.

Catalyst, unlike traditional limited partner-based investment funds, looks to self-finance each deal, investing its own capital, giving it an attentive focus and personal approach to investment transformation and acquisition. Catalyst prefers a long transformation or investment horizon and the flexibility and speed to take on transactions traditional firms cannot.

About Prometheus Research

Prometheus Research, New Haven, Conn., is a software development and professional services company innovating web-based tools to empower knowledge workers by making existing databases easily available on the web. Prometheus HTSQL quickly translates the language of the web (HTTP) into the language of databases (SQL), allowing businesses and organizations to securely access and increase their intelligence through dynamic, real-time, web-based database management.

Markets include research institutions, research funding organizations, governments, and global businesses. Prometheus Research Informatics, its biomedical applications and informatics services, is used by world-renowned researchers and simplifies development of custom informatics systems for secure access to rich scientific data. For more information go to or call us at +1 (800) 693-9057. Reach us by e-mail at

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