Prominent Hollywood Producer/Director Bernard Salzman Joins with 3doo to Deliver Original 3-D Content for Global Distribution

Jul 09, 2014, 10:05 ET from 3doo, Inc.

NEW YORK, July 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- 3doo, Inc. today announced a formal venture collaboration with renown Hollywood producer/director and Emmy Award nominee Bernard Salzman, who has launched a "next generation" 3-D production and content licensing and distribution company dedicated to providing high quality 3-D content to 3doo's growing global audience.

"Through this new partnership with 3doo, we are excited to deliver our 3-D content to millions of viewers around the world," said Salzman, President & CEO of the newly-formed 3D Global Content Solutions. "The rapid technological advances in 3-D production, and the passion for premium 3-D content, are driving our team to produce 3-D content in a variety of genres."

"We will also reach deep into the global film and TV distribution arena to secure the rights to short- and long- form 3-D content, as well as to convert 2-D content to 3-D by using the latest technology and software," said Salzman.  

"We are thrilled to have Bernard Salzman as a business partner and a media industry leader on the 3doo team," said Peter J. Pappas, Sr., Chairman of the Board at 3doo, Inc. "His tremendous record of artistic and commercial success as a producer, director and cinematographer in motion pictures, television and advertising of enormous value to our growing audience of Smart TV viewers worldwide."

"3doo is about to launch the first truly global 3-D Video-on-Demand platform, and our partnership with Bernard Salzman's team will advance 3doo's mission of converging the greatest achievers in the 3-D and Ultra Media industries and advancing the ongoing breakthroughs in global 3-D media distribution," said 3doo President Ingo Nadler.

Salzman will also join 3-D visionary Catherine Owens, principal director and co-producer of "U2 3D," one of the most successful live-action 3-D films to date, as a member of 3doo's Advisory Board.

About 3D Global Content Solutions

3D Global Content Solutions offers 35 years of collective industry experience to leverage powerful relationships in the film and television production and distribution industries in Los Angeles, New York and worldwide.  

Salzman's new company has developed a social media and marketing team to identify 3-D content producers and owners from around the globe, and has built an advertising division to foster relationships with leading advertising agencies and brands to produce 3-D commercials and infomercials.

Salzman also emphasized his strong ties in various sports markets, and is in development discussions with major global players in professional wrestling, mixed martial arts (MMA), extreme sports, and auto-racing.

Along with his producing partner Oleg Prudius, the professional wresting superstar better known as "Vladimir Koslov," Salzman is developing the highly-anticipated series "The Moscow Mauler," an international TV production starring Prudius that will also be available in 3-D. The series will follows Prudius' transition to world heavyweight MMA champion, travelling the globe to perfect his skills and claim the ultimate title.

Salzman's company is also scheduled to begin production, in collaboration with 2013 International Tennis Hall of Fame inductee Cliff Drysdale and the Sony Ericsson Open tournament, on its high-level 3-D project, "Next American Tennis Star," by October 2014.

Salzman has collaborated on numerous motion picture and television features for Disney, Paramount, Columbia, MGM, CBS, ABC, PBS, FOX, SHOWTIME and HBO. His work has been recognized with an Emmy Nomination, two Best Cinematography Awards, a Gold Telly Award and a Shine Media Award. His advertising achievements include successful work for Calvin Klein, Nike, Pepsi, Kodak, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Bugatti, Sony, Fosters Beer, and Allstate Insurance.  

About 3doo

3doo seeks to transform the global distribution of 3-D media content by quickly and easily delivering the world of 3-D media to millions of Smart TV viewers, while enabling content producers and distributors – from Hollywood studios to independent artists – to profitably monetize their 3-D content in significant new revenue streams.

3doo's intuitive, cross-platform "Player App," available free either pre-installed or downloadable on 60,000,000 connected Samsung, LG and Panasonic TVs, easily delivers a growing library of free 3-D content directly into the comfort of the user's living room, allowing consumers to access quality and diverse 3-D content that can be geo-targeted according to national market and device.

The breakthrough app, recognized in 2013 with a "Best Product Award" from the International 3-D and Advanced Imaging Society, solves the 3-D industry's major concerns over lack of sufficient content, lack of distribution infrastructure, and lack of easy access to quality content.

The app has already been used by more than 566,000 households worldwide for more than 4,100,000 video viewings. 3doo projects its global audience to surpass one million households worldwide by December 2014.

3doo is currently filing a series of patents to protect its Player App and related proprietary technologies.

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