Prominent Orange County, California Scientists Heap Praise On Amazon For Its Use Of Blue Light Filter

Technology developed by Irvine Scientists in its Kadho NeuroFoundation Curriculum Starting to Spread

Dec 03, 2015, 11:18 ET from Kadho Inc.

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --, the mega online retailer, announced on December 2 that those who use its Fire Tablets—especially parents concerned about children's tablet use—will reap the benefits of the device's latest update. It includes a new feature, called Blue Shade, similar to a technology that was previously developed by Kadho and its neuroscientist team, according to Kaveh Azartash, PhD, CEO of Kadho.

This technology is meant to protect the eye from damage inflicted by digital illumination from mobile devices. According to Azartash, the new features in Amazon's update include numerous parental controls that monitor children's usage. "The most noteworthy feature, however, is the inclusion of the new reading mode, Blue Shade," said Azartash.

Blue Shade is a nighttime reading mode that reduces exposure to artificial blue light emitted from electronic device screens. Exposure to digital blue light has been shown to increase strain on the human eye; it causes sleep disturbances and may be connected to the development of age-related macular degeneration.

"As with other health risks, parents should be aware of children's heightened susceptibility to blue light damage," Azartash explains. "Kadho's apps have been equipped with blue light filters for damage protection since we first came upon this technology several years ago." This is just one of the many scientific advances developed by Kadho's founders.

Scientists at Kadho were elated to learn that renowned companies are raising awareness about the need to monitor technological advances. "We applaud Amazon for making meaningful efforts to resolve concerns about the lasting effects of tablet lighting by adding Blue Shade," said Azartash.

Dr. Azartash went on to say, "Modern-day technology is advancing and evolving at an exponential rate. As such, it is vital that we, as scientists, constantly take steps toward eliminating hindrances such as the effects of blue light."

Kadho is a leading pioneer with respect to the integration of science in technology. They have already implemented measures such as the blue light filter for health benefits by way of their patented NeuroFoundation™ curriculum for educational benefits. Kadho offers a variety of children's educational apps.

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