Promised Land Dairy Kicks off 2016 with Packaging Refresh

Producer of Natural, Jersey Only Dairy Products Grows by 45 percent, Announces New Bottle and Expansion Plans

Feb 08, 2016, 08:30 ET from Promised Land Dairy

DALLAS, Feb. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Promised Land®, a premium line of natural, Jersey cow milk based dairy products, today announced the launch of its updated and refreshed bottle packaging. The new bottles showcase an array of beautifully colored labels that instantly communicate the brand's indulgent core and seasonal flavor offerings, including Midnight Chocolate, Very Berry Strawberry and Mint Chocolate Chip.

New typefaces, color palates and the more modern, art deco design of the bottles reflects the evolution of the Promised Land brand's overall look and feel, while still evoking nostalgia consumers have come to instantly recognize. The new bottles are more ergonomically correct and address the consumer's previous challenges with spillage. With the refreshed packaging, Promised Land stays true to its heritage in glass bottles by using recyclable PET so consumers can continue to see the quality milk inside.

In addition to the debut of its new packaging design, Promised Land announced 45 percent growth, adding 2,536 stores over the past three years. The dairy category leader plans to continue expanding into other regions of the U.S. this year and will be nationally available by the middle of 2016.

Promised Land added three new seasonal flavored milks to its portfolio in 2015, including Salted Caramel Latte, Mint Chocolate Chip and Pumpkin Spice. The brand's array of Jersey only dairy products is comprised of white milks, creams and a variety of flavored milks. White milks include Homogenized Whole, Reduced Fat 2% and Fat Free. Promised Land's core flavored milks include Midnight Chocolate and Very Berry Strawberry.

"From the brand's founding in 1987, Promised Land has always enjoyed providing our consumers with rich, creamy, high quality dairy products," said Allen Spence, director of marketing at Promised Land Dairy. "We are excited to introduce our new packaging, as we feel it better reflects the wholesome Jersey cow milk inside. Although we are updating our packaging, we're proud to continue to provide the same premium dairy products, tastier and creamier than the rest, that we started making 28 years ago," added Spence.

All Promised Land products come from the finest Jersey cows that produce naturally creamier milk that is higher in protein and calcium. Promised Land products are free of artificial hormones, like rBST and rGBH, artificial flavors and antibiotics.

About Promised Land Dairy
Promised Land Dairy began as a local family farm in Texas that produced Jersey cow milk, with no artificial hormones or antibiotics. Today, their premium, natural milk is available in 34 states through quality grocery retailers. Products include white milks, flavored milks, and cream products. For a map of store locations and more information, visit or


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