Proof Positive: Survey Reveals At-Home Pregnancy Test Trends

A new keepsake case from e.p.t.® Brand helps women commemorate the moment they knew

Jun 22, 2010, 10:00 ET from the makers of e.p.t. Brand

SKILLMAN, N.J., June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- It's strange but true that for many mothers, one of the most beautiful, important moments of her life occurred in her bathroom.  According to a recent survey commissioned by the makers of e.p.t.®  Brand, finding out they were pregnant was a moment so special that 67 percent of expectant mothers saved their at-home pregnancy test, and more than three in four moms and expectant mothers (77 percent respectively) would likely save it if they had a keepsake case to put it in.  Now, women can preserve the moment they knew with a commemorative keepsake case and scrapbook card from e.p.t.®, the leader in home pregnancy testing, available with a mail-in proof of purchase.

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The revealing survey findings from the makers of e.p.t.® Brand also detail how moms and expectant mothers shared the news and other pregnancy keepsakes they'll treasure forever.

Pregnancy Keepsakes

Throughout their pregnancies, women collect and save keepsakes by which to remember the experience.  Among the top three pregnancy keepsakes are:

  1. Ultrasound photos (88 percent of moms and 78 percent of expectant mothers)
  2. Items from the delivery day, including wristbands, a blanket or baby's first footprint (74 percent of moms and 57 percent of expectant mothers)
  3. At-home pregnancy tests (25 percent of moms and 30 percent of expectant mothers)

Positive Results

  • Among the moms who kept their at-home pregnancy tests, 47 percent wanted to save it as a keepsake.  Other reasons included wanting to show their partner (36 percent) or that it was too important to throw away (10 percent).  Among the expectant mothers, wanting to show their partner (45 percent) ranked highest.
  • Of those moms and expectant mothers who saved their pregnancy tests, the most common places to save them were in plastic bags (41 and 32 percent respectively) or on its own (22 and 24 percent respectively).

Show and Tell

  • Although we are living in a digital age, the majority of moms (78 percent) and expectant mothers (67 percent) chose to reveal the big news to their partner in person.  Over the phone was a distant second (14 percent).
  • After they told their partner, most women told their mom before telling a friend or sibling.  Nearly half of moms (46 percent) and expectant mothers (45 percent) told their own mother first.  This is roughly two times as many as those who phoned a friend first.  Only four percent of moms told their fathers first.

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SOURCE the makers of e.p.t. Brand