ProofPilot™, New Online Research Tool Developed By Cyclogram, Launches To Make Research More Accessible And Affordable

ProofPilot™ is now seeking online submissions for new studies

Nov 07, 2013, 12:52 ET from Cyclogram

NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Cyclogram, an academic and clinical research consulting firm, announces the launch of their new online research tool called ProofPilot™.  ProofPilot is a platform for conducting and participating in randomized trials and other longitudinal research studies. With ProofPilot, researchers can dramatically reduce costs, increase efficiency, and minimize management demands for research studies that determine whether something really works. Participants can browse, join and engage in studies from the comfort and privacy of their own home.


Founded by Matthew Amsden in 2005, Cyclogram established a name in the academic research world by consulting on a variety of research projects for academic institutions in the US and abroad.  "I became increasingly frustrated that really insightful social and health innovations were getting lost because it was too expensive to test whether they really worked," states Amsden. "We've come to expect great user experiences and significant efficiencies brought by online platforms.  I knew there had to be a more efficient way to do research studies, so along with my colleagues at Cyclogram, we created ProofPilot so that we can launch studies quickly on a secure research infrastructure that's already built."

Lochlan McHale, Chief Operating Officer of Cyclogram, explains how making ProofPilot easily accessible not only to researchers, but also to people in the public sector, was the number one priority:  "Evidence based practice is a must in the public and healthcare sector - but funding the evaluations, and getting traditional studies up and running is beyond the capacity of most organizations.  For larger organizations, planning and management can eat large portions of a research budget.  In a nutshell, ProofPilot is a platform for anybody with a hypothesis to prove or not prove a theory.  What previously took years to set up, cost huge amounts of money, and further feed the exclusivity or privy nature of research is now just a click away.  From a participant perspective, ProofPilot is an obtainable way to make research work for all. We want research to serve everyone feasibly and truly make obtainable long term changes."

ProofPilot™ is currently working on several longitudinal studies with both leading academic research institutions and small non-profit organizations in the US, Brazil, and Peru. The platform is available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

"When Matthew and Lochlan at Cyclogram initially told me about ProofPilot, my first reaction was, 'why didn't somebody think of this before?'," states Dr. Tyrel Starks, an assistant Professor at Pace University. "As an early career researcher, I needed to find an efficient way to launch my research with modest resources. Matt and Lochlan made it possible for me to design and execute a study that was visually more sophisticated and scientifically more advanced than I would ever have been able to achieve working from my personal lab."

Beginning in January 2014, ProofPilot™ will begin an aggressive recruiting process of registering people to participate in their online research studies.  "We are currently in the planning phase for a variety of studies to attract this audience, and are excited to include more in our early launch," states Amsden.  "We want to make participation in research studies a leisure activity.  We think that ProofPilot can change the way studies are done, similar to the way Kickstarter started a revolution in fundraising."

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