Prop 102 Opponents in Colorado and the Washington DC-Based Pretrial Justice Institute Continues to Engage in what Appears to be Serious Campaign Finance Fraud

Safe Streets Colorado files lawsuit against 'Citizens to Protect Colorado Communities' and the Pretrial Justice Institute

Oct 29, 2010, 15:07 ET from Safe Streets Colorado

DENVER, Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- When they began efforts to oppose Proposition 102, Sharon Winfree (Larimer County Pretrial Services), Jim Alderdon (Larimer County  Sheriff) and others failed to properly file an issue committee. Now, having established "Citizens to Protect Colorado Communities", Safe Streets Colorado alleges they  continue to engage in outright campaign finance fraud.

Citizens to Protect Colorado Communities show that they have raised $199, curiously $1.00 under what would be required under state law to establish such a committee (State law says you must establish a committee if you raise or spend in excess of $200). Unfortunately for the opponents of 102, they have not done a very good job in covering up their illegal behavior.

Safe Streets Colorado alleges the committee has purposefully and with the intent to hide activity not reported known expenditures.

If you visit the opponents' web site, they acknowledge that it is paid for by the Washington DC based Pretrial Justice Institute. This has never been reported. Additionally, if you review their downloadable "fact sheet", you will see it has been professionally produced by "Virgo Communications". We know that Virgo Communications charges between 20 and 60 thousand dollars for their services, and public statements from their President, Stefanie Clark (also the spokesperson for Citizens to Protect Colorado Communities), have confirmed that said funds are being paid by the Pretrial Justice Institute.

Safe Streets Colorado alleges the committee has purposefully and with the intent to hide activity not reported contributions.

Since we know they have not reported expenditures, we know that they have also not reported contributions.

The people of Colorado have a right to know where this money is coming from, what it is being spent on, and whether it consists of taxpayer funds.

The Pretrial Justice Institute is a 501c3, tax exempt organization that is potentially violating its tax filing status. Additionally, the organization is primarily supported by grants, funded by taxpayers.

Safe Streets Colorado alleges this alleged unsuccessful attempt to hide campaign contributions and expenditures is a sign that the opponents of Prop 102 are desperate, and that they will stop at nothing to maintain their grip on the 20 plus millions of dollars that they siphon from budgets throughout Colorado every year. Safe Streets Colorado has filed a complaint with the Secretary of State on 10/29/10, to be forwarded to the Office of Administrative Courts in Denver. The people of Colorado deserve the truth.

Safe Streets Colorado is an issue committee supporting Colorado's Proposition 102. Prop 102 will make Colorado a safer place to live, work, and raise a family. 102 will be on the ballot for Colorado voters on November 2nd.


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