Propane Lawnmowers Help Ideal Landscape Group Save Green By Going Green

Jul 23, 2012, 11:19 ET from Ferrellgas Partners, L.P.

ST. LOUIS, July 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Thanks to the introduction of 30 commercial mowers that run on clean-burning propane, the dollars that are being saved are every bit as green as the lawns that are being trimmed by St. Louis-based Ideal Landscape Group.

Lawn equipment accounts for approximately 10 percent of pollution generated today, and Ideal's switch to propane-powered mowers will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 50 percent compared to gasoline mowers. With propane, there's also an 80 percent reduction in monoxide when compared to gasoline.

The environmental benefits are certainly a plus, but according to Tim Kircher, Ideal's Maintenance Division Manager, there's a strong business case to be made as well. 

"Making the switch to propane isn't just about emissions," Kircher says. "We're certainly proud of the part we're playing there, but there are additional benefits that are significant as well, including longer engine life for the mowers and reduced maintenance costs because the cleaner fuel deposits less carbon in the engine."

The most compelling reason to make the switch, Kircher says, is the savings. The price of oil continues to hover around $90 a barrel, pushing the average cost of gasoline in St. Louis to approximately $3.35 per gallon. The price for propane is significantly less.

"In addition to the savings we'll enjoy on the service side, we're also paying less than half for the fuel. In a business like ours, where the cost of fuel is one of your largest expenses, that's significant."

Ideal Landscape Group selected Ferrellgas, a nationwide propane retailer with more than 80 locations in Missouri and Illinois, as their propane provider. Ferrellgas delivers bulk propane to a tank located at Ideal's facility on Lemay Ferry Road in St. Louis, and then Ideal's employees refill the empty cylinders directly from the tank.

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