PropertyQuoteDirect Looks at Redecorating Rental Properties

Feb 28, 2013, 13:02 ET from PropertyQuoteDirect

LONDON, February 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

As the days get brighter and slightly warmer, landlords should be thinking about doing up their rental properties, to attract new tenants or keep their current ones happy - as even though the rental market is booming, it can be hard to keep good tenants on board. PropertyQuoteDirect, a landlord insurance provider, looks at redecorating rental properties.

Having a clean, attractive property with good working appliances sets an expectation to keep the property at a certain standard.  Mark Hare, PropertyQuoteDirect's Managing Director says, "Landlords will gain a greater respect from their tenants if their property is in a good state. A landlord who offers a poorly maintained property on the market, may gain a bad reputation and convey a negative message."

The first place to start is to fix any repairs around the property to ensure that problems are minimised. Mark says, "Before redecorating, make sure that any issues around the property, such as damp or plumbing problems are sorted, at it provides a good base for redecorating."

When it comes to painting, it doesn't have to be magnolia or beige. Walls can be spruced up with other neutral colours as well as a bright feature wall. Mark explains, "Paint is easier to maintain than wallpaper, but landlords should remember to keep a note of the brand and colour of the paint for any future touch ups."

Flooring is another issue when it comes to redecorating. Mark recommends fitting wood or laminate flooring for rental properties. He explains, "Carpets can put potential tenants off as it's harder for them to visualise putting their own temporary stamp on the property. With wood or laminate flooring, tenants can add things like rugs, to make the property feel like home. With carpets, there's also the issue of it being harder to clean."

If your property is furnished, it's worth buying neutral coloured furniture that matches and even if it is second hand, ensure that the furniture is in good condition.

Landlords should bear in mind that rental properties should conform to the current building regulations and everyone needs to meet to those minimum requirements. So if major changes are being made, landlords need to ensure it's up to the correct standard and also check that their landlord insurance policy is also up to date.

PropertyQuoteDirect was founded in 1965 and is part of the Bedford Insurance Group. They have been providing quality insurance policies for over 40 years.

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