ProSmoke Launches "Kick Your Ash" Summer Sweepstakes

Aug 23, 2013, 20:31 ET from

BLOOMINGDALE, Ill., Aug. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ProSmoke, one of the leading producers of electronic cigarettes, is launching a new Facebook sweepstakes that allows users to get a brand new disposable e-cigarette just by "liking" the Facebook page.

The "Kick Your Ash" Sweepstakes allows users to experience the electronic cigarette without any further obligation, and encourages smokers to switch to the safer, more environmentally friendly, and more portable electronic cigarette. Smokers who enjoy traditional cigarettes can still enjoy the taste and feel of cigarettes without tar, smell, high costs, or offensive smoke. The vapor that ProSmoke's cigarettes releases is simple water vapor, which allows smokers to take the e-cigarettes almost anywhere, even places where traditional cigarettes are prohibited.

ProSmoke will provide the first 2,000 people to share the Facebook Sweepstakes on Facebook with a brand new disposable electronic cigarette. Facebook users must like the Prosmoke Facebook page and fill out the applicable form in order to be entered in the contest.

The Facebook promotion is going on now, and will end after the first 2,000 entrants have claimed their spots as winners of new electronic cigarettes. Entrants are encouraged to either use the electronic cigarette themselves, or give it to friends or family. There are no tricks, no gimmicks, and the e-cigarette is completely free. Users must "like" the Facebook page to have access to the entry form, and fill out the form entirely in order to be entered in the sweepstakes.

ProSmoke offers a variety of products and flavors for every electronic cigarette user. From flavored cartridges and no nicotine cartridges, to cartridges with extra high levels of nicotine, ProSmoke offers smokers an alternative to traditional cigarettes that look, feel, and taste like traditional cigarettes. ProSmoke offers many different options for starter kits in order to assist new users in the transition from traditional cigarettes. As the top rated tobacco alternative on the market, ProSmoke is excited to allow users to experience the benefits of the electronic cigarette. For more information, please visit

About ProSmoke:

As an established American company in the Midwest, ProSmoke provides users with a tobacco alternative that is the only Green Certified Product and Company in the industry.  Developed by a team of researchers, developers, and business experts, ProSmoke's electronic cigarette has risen to the top of the industry to become the industry's number 1 rated and best e-cigarette.