Protect your assets with LaserShield: 'Triple-Play' Burglaries On the Rise

Dec 12, 2012, 16:04 ET from LaserShield Instant Security

LAS CRUCES, N.M., Dec. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- It's a disturbing trend in crime across the nation – LaserShield Instant Security ( reports that burglars are becoming smarter, more daring, and are setting their sights on the double, and even triple payoff when preying on victims.

This new streak of "triple-play"' robberies involves burglars stealing from an individual's home and business, and often their automobile as well.

Sometimes, it happens all in one night.

"More sophisticated burglars are accessing information that allows them to take advantage of a person's residence, business and vehicle," said LaserShield alarm user Alan Kunzman, a retired Oklahoma police chief turned private investigator.

Kunzman said, often, thieves will monitor the daily activities of a small business owner and plan a "triple burglary" that involves stealing from the victim's business, home, and automobile.

"Thieves are using information left in vehicles or mailboxes to gain entry into homes and businesses," Kunzman said. "The more sophisticated burglars use all sorts of methods to maximize their take."

Retired San Bernandino Police Sgt. Derek Pacifico advises that home and business owners be aware of burglary threats around the clock.

"Far from what people see on television and movies, residential burglaries do not typically happen at night while we are home sleeping," he said. "They happen when we are gone from the house at work and school. Similarly, commercial burglaries happen when everyone has gone home for the night, but usually well after any reasonable business hours."

Pacifico encourages the use of monitored burglar alarms, such as those offered by LaserShield, to curb robbers' efforts.

"Those businesses who have bold and obvious signs of an alarm system are far less likely to be burglarized," he said.

While most monitored burglar alarms are costly and require infrastructure modification, portable, instant wireless alarms are offered at a low cost and offer the same, if not better, protection than traditional wired alarm systems.

Anthony Dorhmann, CEO of LaserShield Instant Security – – one of the nation's oldest and most trusted wireless security companies, recommends these tips to protect your auto, home and business from being burglarized:

  • Always carry your vehicle registration, insurance cards or any other identifying information on your person
  • Remove garage door openers when exiting your vehicle
  • Do not leave your purse or wallet in the glove box or under the seat
  • Be aware of suspicious activity from persons working near or around your home
  • Use a P.O. Box to receive financial correspondence regarding your home and business
  • Purchase a burglar alarm system for your home and business
  • If you're a business owner on the go, consider a portable burglar alarm system, such as the alarm offered by LaserShield Instant Security

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