ProTek Devices Intros ESD Protection Components for Automotive Electronic Systems

New TVS Arrays Cover a Myriad of Automotive Electronic Systems: Car Stereo/Navigation and Audio/Video Systems; Display, Lighting, Power, HAVC; and More

Nov 12, 2012, 08:00 ET from ProTek Devices

TEMPE, Ariz., Nov. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- ProTek Devices™ today introduced 19 new transient voltage suppressor (TVS) components specifically for electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electrical fast transient (EFT) protection in automotive electronic systems. Such automotive electronics systems include infotainment, body, chassis and power network systems. The new TVS components meet several Automotive Electronics Council (AEC-Q101) standards.

For Infotainment network systems, ProTek Devices' new TVS protection devices include eight TVS arrays. The PAM01SC7905C is designed for the electronic control unit. The PAM02SD2312 is ideal for USB2.0 as is an alternative TVS array, the PAM12SO824. The PAM03SD2303CI provides protection for Bluetooth®. The PAM04ST430502 and alternative PAM18DF2L0521 cover automotive LCD displays. The PAM05SC700504F and alternative PAM19DF2L0521P are ideal for car audio. The PAM06SC7905S and alternative PAM21SC790501H TVS arrays guard automotive antennas. The PAM08SD23xxC series and alternative PAM24DF1605 are designed for automotive control buttons. The PAM22LOPR2268 is a dual high-bandwidth, fast single-pole double throw (SPDT) CMOS switch. It can be used as an analog switch or as a low-delay bus switch.

For body network systems, the PAM02SD2312 TVS array is ideal for lighting sensor control units. The PAM08SD23xxC series and alternative PAM07DF23K24 provide protection for reverse sensor control units. The PAM09SD2305HP is designed of air bag sensors. The PAM15ST4305 steering diode / TVS array is designed wiper sensors.

For chassis network systems, the PAM08SD23xxC series of TVS arrays covers fuel injection interfaces. The PAM09SD2305HP is ideal for the ignition. The PAM16AL30A is designed for voltage protection of electronic braking systems. The PAM10ST23xxC series of TVS arrays shields electronic steering control systems. For power network systems, ProTek Devices provides the PAM08SD23xxC series and the PAM10ST23xxC series of TVS arrays. These are for protection of power distribution (12, 24 and 36V). And, the PAM16AL30A and PAM07DF23K24 TVS components provide voltage protection for the car battery.

"Every automotive design today makes use of electronic circuits for a variety of system functions and features," said VP Pai, Vice President of ProTek Devices. "These electronic circuits are extensively used for almost all areas of automotive control. Because of their critical nature, circuit protection is an essential part of the design. Circuit protection is not only important to preventing circuit damage but also to reducing risk, increasing safety and ensuring reliability in automotive design."

The new ProTek Devices' TVS components for automotive electronic systems are qualified for many AEC-Q101 standards. The standards include the AEC-Q101-001: Electrostatic Discharge Test - Human Body Model. Another standard covered includes the AEC-Q101-002: Electrostatic Discharge Test - Machine Model. The AEC-Q101-003: Wire Bond Shear Test is also used. The AEC-Q101-004: Miscellaneous Test Methods (unclamped inductive switching; dielectric integrity; destructive physical analysis) is also covered. And, the AEC-Q101-005: electrostatic discharge test - capacitive discharge model also governs the new TVS components.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for ProTek Devices' automotive ESD protection components have a range from five cents to one dollar in quantities of 10,000 units. Complete pricing information is available by contacting ProTek Devices or its distributors via Data sheets can be found at There is also a full catalog for download at

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In business more than 20 years, ProTek Devices™ is a privately held semiconductor company. The company offers a product line of transient voltage suppressor (TVS) devices. ProTek Devices also provides avalanche breakdown diode, steering diode TVS array and other surge suppressor component products. These TVS modules protect electronic systems from numerous damaging effects. They include lightning; electrostatic discharge (ESD); nuclear electromagnetic pulses (NEMP); inductive switching; and electromagnetic interference (EMI) / radio frequency interference (RFI). ProTek Devices also offers high performance interface and linear products. They include analog switches; multiplexers; LED drivers; LED wafer die for ESD protection; audio control ICs; RF and related high frequency products.  The analog devices work in a host of consumer; industrial; automotive and other applications. The company maintains its headquarters in Tempe, Ariz. More information is available at

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