Provost Umphrey: NFL Head Injury Attorney Announces Additional Players Joining Lawsuit

Jun 11, 2012, 11:34 ET from Provost Umphrey

HOUSTON, June 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- 27 additional football players are joining the roster of retired players suing the NFL for purposefully attempting to hide a well-known link between concussions and permanent brain injury.

Attorney Matthew C. Matheny of the Provost Umphrey law firm says he now represents over 150 former players suing the NFL.

"The bottom line is that the NFL has put its profits ahead of the health and well being of its players," says Matheny. "Wanting their players on the field entertaining the fans instead of on the training tables is an attempt to protect a multi-billion dollar business, and purposefully side-step and obfuscate the link between multiple head injuries and the lifelong brain trauma my clients suffer from every day."

Among the players suing the NFL are the first African-American scholarship winner and second African-American athlete in the Southwest Conference Jerry LeVias, former Texas Aggie Heisman Trophy winner John David Crow, former Pro Bowl linebacker Daryl Talley, former Dallas Cowboy guard John Niland, and former Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams. The complaint alleges the NFL failed to research, inform and take reasonable action to mitigate the risks associated with multiple concussions, thereby breaching its duty to the players.

The NFL oversees America's most popular spectator sport, football, and acts as a trade association for 32 franchise owners. The NFL governs and promotes the game of football, sets and enforces rules. The teams share a percentage of the League's overall revenue. NFL revenues far exceed any other sports league, frequently surpassing $7 billion annually.

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