Proximate Global Introduces face2face™

First proximity-based social app that lets users connect with real privacy and security

Jul 08, 2010, 08:00 ET from Proximate Global Inc.

NEW YORK, July 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Proximate Global Inc. today launched face2face, a mobile application that solves the growing problem of privacy and security plaguing current location-based alternatives.

Using proprietary proximity-based and social technology, face2face gives users the ability and security to consolidate and enable their existing social and professional networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace, on a single platform – so they can instantly access and control which friends and contacts know when they are in each other's vicinities.

"We believe that worlds should meet, not collide, and as social media becomes more and more integral to our lives, it is important to also maintain and build relationships offline and in-person," said Hameed Khan, Founder and CEO of Proximate Global. "With face2face, you are automatically and securely connected to your friends and business contacts. Users aren't telling the whole world where they are, but rather enhancing when and how they connect with those in their extended network."

While conventional location-based services simply pinpoint exact locations on a map, face2face is pioneering the concept of proximity, or giving users the ability to know who is nearby without ever requiring that their – or their friends' – exact locations be revealed. By ensuring their privacy and security, users are empowered to access online networks to create "face2face" meetings and experiences.

With its inherent flexibility and easy privacy control, users can make themselves available to some friends, and not to others, on an individual basis. face2face also helps users establish new connections and relationships with a powerful cross-network 'friends of friends' feature that allows users to meet new people in a safe and secure manner.

face2face isn't another social network. It's a simple and intuitive solution that improves existing ones and saves the user from the arduous process of building another new network. A user simply downloads the free app on their smartphone–face2face works on iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and many J2ME compatible devices–and their networks are immediately aggregated, thus allowing user-controlled, privacy-centric, proximity-based connections.

Built on the belief that real-world connecting requires reciprocity, face2face was designed so that no one can view another user unless that user is also visible. So, while face2face users are out and about in the world, the world can't find them. It's the first connection and filtering tool, what the company calls "Share Traffic Control." In addition, because face2face consolidates all the user's networks, the platform is elegantly designed for status updates and instant messaging across networks.

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About face2face

face2face is a free mobile application that uses proximity-based social networking technology to combine and organize existing social and business networks so people know when their immediate networks--and friends of friends--are nearby, enabling them to connect in that moment. face2face works on iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and many J2ME compatible devices.

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About Proximate Global Inc.

Proximate Global Inc. (PGI) is a US-based corporation formed in May 2009 to develop and market face2face. PGI provides an elegant solution that leverages existing social and business networks, facilitates real world interaction, and simultaneously creates a platform for location-aware services.

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