Psych-Out Golf praised as "a rollicking guide to winning"

Jul 10, 2014, 10:10 ET from Psych-Out Golf

LOS ANGELES, July 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- "Psych-Out Golf is a rollicking guide to winning a few skins on the course while driving your playing partners batty – and it's all in good fun," said Greg D'Andrea in a book review at the popular golf blog, Golf Stinks.

"Being that we're not your average golf blog, we typically don't review your average golf book," D'Andrea explains. "And nothing fits the atypical golf book mold better than Psych-Out Golf.  They say golf is half mental. If that's true, this book can help you in ways you could have never imagined!

"Written by a father/son team (Todd and Judah Domke)…Psych-Out Golf has ten chapters and none of them help you shave strokes off your game. Instead, this book helps you add strokes to your playing partner's game – genius!

"Messrs. Domke and Domke have brilliantly put together countless ways to get the best of your opponent on the links – from making subtle yet mentally debilitating statements to getting them a bit tipsy, Psych-Out Golf is packed with ways to win a hole or round without actually playing well yourself!"

Psych-Out Golf is "a new vision of golf," say the authors, "a manual for mischief."

Some of the wry advice includes "how to suggest sly, subversive swing thoughts; the best betting games and how to win them; how to turn strangers on a course into human hazards; and how to use humor as your 15th club."

A funny video at the Psych-Out Golf website calls it "the first book that reveals how to play with your opponent's mind, for fun and profit… Why spend $1,000 to shave a few strokes off your score when you can easily add ten to your opponent's?" 

ABOUT THE AUTHORS of Psych-Out Golf: Todd Domke is a PR strategist, political analyst and author. Judah Domke has been an actor, comedian, writer, and is an expert on sales training. They also co-authored a novel and screenplay, "Nicholas Claus: The Story of Young Santa."'

ABOUT PSYCH-OUT GOLF: The book humorously explains "how to win…without improving your game." The website features a free sample of the book. Their motto is, "Let the mind games begin."

ABOUT GOLF STINKS: A golf blog and social site, "taking the frustration out of golf since 2009."

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