Psychic Friends Network Announces Successful Testing, Implementation of Face-to-Face VOIP Chat on 2.0 site

Jan 22, 2014, 07:00 ET from Psychic Friends Network, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Psychic Friends Network (OTC: PFNI) today announced the successful testing and full implementation of its new voice-over-internet-protocol face-to-face (VOIP), chat platform on its newly updated site. Full implementation makes PFN the only psychic service to add Video VOIP to full customer service menu.

With the addition of VOIP chat platform, the Psychic Friends Network is now the only service in the psychic industry offering a full suite of connection methods, including phone, click to call, audio and video chat, and its soon-to-be-released mobile app.

The new Skype-like PFN platform opens the door to internet users worldwide who can now contact PFN with no phone, no long-distance charges and be able to speak face-to-face with PFN psychics, or the callers can still choose to remain anonymous if they'd prefer. PFN expects the new platform to be highly popular both in the US and abroad, citing the fact that at present, video accounts for more than 40 percent of all Skype-to-Skype minutes, which equals over 290 billion video minutes per year.

"This is a significant breakthrough for the Psychic Friends Network," said Marc Lasky, PFN CEO. "Even before the full installation of our VOIP face-to-face chat, we had calls from customers in 52 countries. Now, with PFN's new video platform, we expect not only the domestic and international customer base to multiply exponentially, but it allows us to continue our quest to find the best psychics from all over the world for our service."

The PFN market test revealed that VOIP face-to-face video is particularly popular with PFN customers seeking tarot card and palm readings. In the former case, callers were enthusiastic about being able to view their tarot cards; in the latter, PFN psychics were able to closely examine customers' palms. Not surprisingly, a significant number of the face-to-face video calls came in through mobile devices.

The new PFN VOIP service is expected to be particularly popular in European nations. According to a recent Eurobarmeter poll, more than one in four of the respondents in the European Union now believe in a "spirit or life force." In Eastern bloc nations, the figure is over 33%.

Though internet connectivity is more limited in parts of Central and South America, PFN expects its new VOIP service to resonate in the region where, according to Natella's Latin America Popular Culture, "psychic events have been much more in the mainstream of Latin America than they have been in other cultures."

Said Lasky, "PFN's voice-over-internet protocol opens up a new revenue stream for the Psychic Friends Network that we anticipate will increase sales, decrease overhead, and appeal to a market segment not effectively reached by any competing psychic service. It's a perfect fit for PFN's well-established pioneering spirit. So far in our early testing, we are very encouraged to see that our high retention rates, and our average customer value has remained, while the overall costs have gone down."

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