Public Found to Be Misled by Mayan Palace Fraud Hoax. Guest Reviews Uphold Resort Chain's Positive Reputation

Feb 14, 2014, 11:09 ET from

Fake claims about the Mayan Palace resort have been distributed amongst the public in an attempt to disrupt the resort's popularity. Guest reviews tell a different story and show that the Mayan Palace is just as beloved as it always was.

CANCUN, Mexico, Feb. 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - "Mayan Palace made for an amazing romantic engagement trip for me and my fiancé! We had the time of our lives and would definitely come back!" - 4 star online review.

The review above is one example of how guests are raving about their vacations after they stay at Mayan Palace. Some Mexican resorts receive a bad reputation for unscrupulous business practices so when the Mayan Palace fraud rumors began to spread around the Internet there was plenty of cause for concern. The key difference being that when somebody feels scammed or defrauded by a business they don't have the tendency to run to the web's most popular trip planning sites and leave glowing reviews. When Mayan Palace reviews are analyzed it shows the scam has not been pulled on vacationers, but rather on the resort itself.

The Mayan Palace fraud talk has been rooted out as nothing more than an Internet hoax perpetrated by an anonymous source for unknown reasons. This may have been done to damage the reputation of Mayan Palace or could simply be the work of an enterprising blogger looking to drum up some traffic for his or her own sites with negative news. Although the person or people responsible for the Mayan Palace fraud reports may never be found it hasn't hurt the popularity of the luxury hotel. Mayan Palace is still the go-to destination for travelers looking to experience the majestic areas of Mexico and this holiday season proved that no unfounded allegation was enough to keep people away, especially when they can easily read how much the resort is enjoyed by its previous visitors.