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Aug 29, 2013, 11:40 ET from KnowledgeView Ltd

LONDON, August 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

As you would expect from a real-time news agency producing over 350 news items a day for traders and investment professionals in the UK, Alliance News took full advantage of the latest technology available. "We have no legacy systems to slow us down. The Cloud is our silver lining," the company says. That technology was Publish live from UK-based KnowledgeView.

For Alliance News, while having a home base in central London, their newsroom is anywhere the news is happening, thanks to Publish live technology installed on the cloud.

Superb Content quality

Alliance News was founded by some of the most experienced leaders in the financial news industry, and they wanted technology that could meet their exacting demands. This is done on several levels. One key facility is the powerful classification and tagging system of Publish live used by journalists, allowing clients to search and filter content by a mixture of keywords and subject coding.

Publish live intelligently acquires incoming meta data (exchange symbols  etc.) and maps that meta data at the acquisition-level to the Alliance News proprietary company and subject codes.

On the authoring front, Publish live gives journalists an editorial work flow with defined roles and access privileges.  The focus is on ease of use and fast turn around of multimedia news. One key feature developed for Alliance News is the 'Headlines editor' allowing journalists to file multiple "flash" headlines on breaking news stories at high speed, while sharing meta data among the series of headlines.

Cost savings

Having a fully managed cloud-based system for feed acquisition, editorial work flow and real-time delivery allowed Alliance News to focus on its core mission of news gathering, resulting in substantial savings while offering a state-of-the-art publishing system to clients.

Publish live uniquely allows auto-routing of third-party content feeds to clients according to editorially set rules, coupled with editorial intervention when needed, thus ensuring high efficiency in news production, aggregation and delivery.

State of the art delivery system

Alliance News delivers news largely to distribution partners such as market-data platforms, trading systems, websites and aggregators. Those partners need news items to be delivered in real-time as they are published. This required the development of specialized middleware that is able to stay up separately from the editorial system, and is made highly available by running multiple instances with a load balancer on top.

Time to market

Publish live is adopted by over 50 media companies with thousands of journalists using it, being a complete well-tested system made it possible for Alliance News to go live in record few weeks from project start.

"News companies tend to be very bad at technology, but are strangely reluctant to outsource," commented Tom Waite, CEO of Alliance News.  "Our idea from the very start was for Alliance News to work with best-of-breed partners, whether in content or technology.  KnowledgeView fits that description.

What we really appreciate about Publish live was that it was about 90% fit for our purposes straight out of the box, and KnowledgeView quickly completed the extra work required to meet our more specialized requirements. This has given us the fast start-up that we required."

Alliance News CTO Daniel Melvin added:

"As a real-time news agency using the latest cloud technologies, we can adapt real-time to client and market demands whilst providing an enterprise-scale delivery of our content and unique metadata."

About KnowledgeView

KnowledgeView Ltd is a UK-based company with headquarters in London and MENA regional office in Beirut. KnowledgeView has a unique combination of industry leaders on its Board and powerful publishing technology used by leading media players globally.

The company was founded in 1995 to develop cross-media publishing, news management and editorial sharing systems, with over forty media companies and 5000 journalists using its Publish live systems. KnowledgeView has also established a leading position in mobile apps development on the iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and Web-mobile platforms.

KnowledgeView's client base extends over four continents with such names as Dow Jones Newswire, CNN, Geopolitical Information Service, Australian Associated Press, Qatar News Agency, Saudi Research and Marketing Group, Abu Dhabi Media, MarocSoir Group and Deloitte & Touche, to name a few.

Publish live suite of products and services enables publishers and news groups to create regional or thematic communities around news, deriving maximum revenues from subscriptions and advertising and extend their reach through easy multi-publishing to paper, Web, mobile iPhone and iPad as well as the Android platform and social networks.

KnowledgeView's RAPID Browser, the heart of 'Publish live Newsroom', is a powerful news management and editorial sharing system for automating acquisition and classification, setting the standard for the next generation of news management systems. RAPID Browser allows media groups to setup their own cloud-based Content Hubs for extending their reach into their communities and generating revenues from advertising and subscriptions.

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