Publisher Taps Stage Actor Daniel Sheridan to Produce Audible Version of the Award Winning Near-Future Political Thriller "The Blue Folio"

Jul 20, 2015, 20:52 ET from Black Ostrich Press

NEW YORK, July 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- New York Publisher, Black Ostrich Press announced today that they have signed a deal to have stage actor, voice-over artist and educator Daniel Sheridan produce and narrate the award winning near-future political thriller The Blue Folio by attorney-novelist Matt McMahon.

A graduate of Syracuse University and Hunter College, Mr. Sheridan has appeared in numerous projects including the off Broadway run of Odyssey: The Epic Musical, where he played the part of Zeus. He has performed voice-overs and recorded books for several organizations and has performed readings for upcoming works and professional organizations.

"I'm very excited about the project," Mr. Sheridan admits. "I believe the book has a timely message of what we as Americans can do to work together to make our democracy stronger."

Winner of the Beverly Hills Book Awards for a Political Thriller, The Blue Folio, intertwines the politics of the constitutional convention in 2037, the 250th anniversary of the original constitutional convention, and the vicious political battle twenty-two years later seeking a death penalty for the President.  

Bill Waverly, the President's attorney, is torn between protecting the President and his deeply buried convictions, but fails to see the danger to his own life from the shadowy organization that helped him propel the President into the White House. But is it too late to save the president's life, and the soul of a nation?

Foreword/Clarion Reviews has called The Blue Folio: "A near-future political struggle so compelling and realistic that it's easy to imagine it reflected on tomorrow's front page.

The audiobook will be available through Audible in early September 2015.

Matt McMahon is the author of The Blue Folio and has been a trial attorney practicing in New York City for over thirty years.


SOURCE Black Ostrich Press