Pueblo Medical Imaging Gives Highest Marks to MedInformatix RIS Technology, Functionality and Reliability

Local Las Vegas Multi-Specialty Radiology Group Affiliate Leverages System For Host of Capabilities, With Particular Emphasis on RIS/PACS Synergy, Insurance Verification and Reimbursement

Feb 08, 2011, 11:12 ET from MedInformatix

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Pueblo Medical Imaging Practice Administrator Darren Blanford has accumulated a good number of stories over the years, too many stories from his perspective, about vendors that pull a Houdini-like vanishing act as soon as the ink dries on the sales contract. That's too bad for them, as he often views competing offerings as interchangeable, with perhaps only a few minor differences and no discernable non-make-or-break features.

Conversely, Mr. Blanford views MedInformatix's Radiology Information System (RIS) as a refreshing change of pace. He describes it as a full-functioned product that meets the full gamut of a full-service outpatient imaging center's information system requirements including billing, scheduling, insurance and benefits program administration and approvals, dual modality RIS/PACS, and CD-based results and remote access that enable physicians to view exams, as well as access images and reports from office or remote computers. At the same time, he describes MedInformatix customer service as head and shoulders above the rest.

"All too often, technology vendors will do everything humanly possible jumping through hoops to make a sale," Mr. Blanford said. "The sales and support teams go to extraordinary lengths to explain why you need a particular product or an expensive optional feature, later becoming hard to reach or slow to respond when issues arise.

"MedInformatix RIS support technicians truly deliver on their promises. They don't make excuses or refuse to pick up a phone or respond to an email query, whether they're in the middle of lunch or if it's 4:55 p.m. on a sunny summer Friday afternoon," Mr. Blanford continued. "While MedInformatix RIS delivers top performance and functionality for our physicians and overall practice, I firmly believe that product is only about 10 percent of the overall equation. Without stellar customer service, it's all just more flash with little substance.

"MedInformatix is a partner, not a vendor," Mr. Blanford said.

MedInformatix's attention to detail transcends technical issues management to also encompass daily support and extra-firm hand holding during the implementation of RIS system upgrades, such as the company's impending MedInformatix RIS upgrade. Despite being headquartered in the Pacific Time zone, Pueblo Medical Imaging receives support from MedInformatix's Ohio location, a geographic quirk that hasn't ever compromised the support team's responsiveness.

"I can get a hold of Tim Johnson anytime, I need him," Mr. Blanford said. "It's clear that MedInformatix is sensitive to radiology centers' schedules and our need for full 24/7 system functionality. Vendors sometimes have the habit of scheduling upgrades at the most inconvenient times. MedInformatix's support team works around our schedule."

Pueblo Medical Imaging is owned and operated by the more than 30-year-old Las Vegas-based Radiology Associates of Nevada. The group prides itself on leveraging the most advanced technology for accurate patient evaluations and diagnoses. Its use of MedInformatix RIS, and the importance that Mr. Blanford and others in the organization place on MedInformatix's commitment to service, reflects its own way of doing business. Like its RIS vendor, or partner, Pueblo Medical Imaging offers after-hours and same-day appointments, as well as walk-in appointments for X-rays.

"I've told a lot of other imaging facilities about our experiences with the company," Mr. Blanford concluded. "It's refreshingly different."

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