Purkeys Demonstrates How Using a Voltmeter can Save Electrical Troubleshooting Time

Nov 30, 2015, 09:00 ET from Purkeys

LOWELL, Ark., Nov. 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Voltage drop issues can be difficult to diagnose. Searching for the troubled wiring would take an extremely long time were it not for the voltmeter. The meter can save a lot of time when searching for a problem in the circuit.

In an electrical circuit, no matter how complex, any loose or damaged wiring throughout the system will cause voltage drop. The question is, "Where is the problem?" By systematically testing each wire and connector with the voltmeter, the user can pinpoint the malfunction. The attached video explains exactly how to test a circuit with a voltmeter to find exactly where the issues are. 

The voltmeter simply measures the voltage difference between two points in a circuit. To test, set the voltmeter to "voltage" and apply each of the leads to a contact point on either side of a wire or connector. If the voltage drop reading is minimal, that portion of the circuit is working fine. Move on through the circuit until the damaged or undersized wire is located.

"The reason why we use a voltmeter to run this test is it's very accurate," said Purkeys Sales and Service Engineer Larry Rambeaux. "We're able to go step-by-step and isolate every little part of the circuit down. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt where the voltage issue is."

It is important when conducting the test that electrical load remains on. The switch must be on and the circuit complete to get an accurate reading. If the light bulb is removed, for instance, the circuit will not be completed and the voltmeter will reveal nothing wrong. Voltage is still running through those wires, but no current flow, which results in a false reading.

Once the issue is located, replace it and then recheck with the voltmeter to make sure the issue is resolved.


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