Purkeys Offers Advice to Check for Parasitic Loads

Feb 12, 2016, 10:00 ET from Purkeys

LOWELL, Ark., Feb. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- A parasitic load is a small electrical load that is always draining a vehicle's battery. It starts small but can result in discharged batteries, the longer a vehicle sits. It's an issue technicians encounter frequently, but using a multimeter to determine what those loads are makes it easy to know how long a vehicle can sit before needing a jump start.

Purkeys' engineers demonstrated how to utilize an ammeter and a mutlimeter to get a clear and accurate reading. It's important to disconnect all, but one of the ground cables and connect the clamp on ammeter to that cable. The multimeters have a 10 amp fuse, so use the not as accurate clamp on ammeter to ensure the load isn't over 10 amps first. Next, connect the multimeter in line with the ground cable and get the most accurate reading to determine if there is a parasitic load.

Purkeys has developed multiple training programs to help technicians better understand the proper use of a multimeter. The experienced and capable engineers at Purkeys have the knowledge to assist in understanding all aspects of the multimeter.


For more than 25 years, Purkeys has delivered innovative, cost-effective solutions for the electrical needs of heavy-duty fleets. They look at the electrical system as a whole, then strategically work to achieve the maximum return on investment while reducing maintenance costs and equipment usage. Their level of expertise has garnered more than 10 U.S. patents and attracted the attention of fleets, OEMs and other industry leaders throughout North America. For more information please go to purkeys.net.

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