Purpose-Built Analytics Adds Relevancy and Insight as Customer Satisfaction Tools for the Digital Economy

Feb 23, 2016, 21:48 ET from ReportBuyer

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Purpose-Built Analytics Adds Relevancy and Insight as Customer Satisfaction Tools for the Digital Economy


The digital economy is about data—constant streams of information to and from customers across global networks, combined with the details that identify one customer from the next. Because data defines the digital economy, leveraging it has more to do with managing processes than managing individual systems. Some claim that data ownership is the currency of today and the gateway to long-term business success. Stratecast tends to agree. Yet, in order to transform promising digital technology into business reality, operations and monetization functions of the Communications Service Providers (CSPs) must adhere to certain customer management processes, including:

- Uninterrupted message delivery (voice, text, and data) to any destination
- Assurance that each service will work consistently
- Message privacy
- Security monitoring
- Marketing new services to targeted customer groups
- Identification of customer usage, charging and billing creation
- Revenue collection
- Fraud protection

Applying insight to information yields the real pathway to business success: intelligence. Delivering the business analysis that data contains, to the right place at the right time, defines relevance. Both are core components to the data-driven operations, orchestration, and monetization functions that keep CSP operations viable.
This week's SPIE explains how customer data analysis—understanding the continuous generation of network usage data from customer interaction with apps and content—is used by CSPs globally for improving their internal processes. The report explains how data analysis suppliers such as Guavus address a growing wave of strategic CSP business needs tied to the operations, planning, and marketing functions. The report also shows why usage data is essential for today's digital economy, as well as support of tomorrow's Internet-everywhere society.

There's an App for That and Lots of Data to Go with It

From a customer's perspective, everything is an app today, as shown by Exhibit 1. Data movement across a network can be substantial, according to app type—streaming movies, self-made video, or gaming entertainment. It can also be minimal—a simple information search or a weather check. An increased outpouring of data from new customer apps and services involving virtualized networks, virtual or augmented reality, 3D and 4D printing, and 5G networks, will be commonplace over the next years. These core capabilities are the basis for smart cities, smart cars, smart government services, and smart health/wellness care, to name a few. The increase in data volume, from these and many other digital lifestyle services, places a heavy burden on all business and operations functions.

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