Pursue Trendy Wholesale Designer Purses in 2013 through NP Fashion

The extensive online catalogue at NP Fashion boasts the hottest purses for the New Year

Jan 11, 2013, 13:25 ET from NP Fashion

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- As the New Year dawns, trendsetters and figureheads in the fashion world take a retrospective look at the hottest fads of 2012. Similarly, in the final weeks of the year and during January, fashion mavens predict what will hit big or continue to be popular in the New Year. Professional stylists and fashion journalists declare that the trends of 2013 will be in line with the buzz-worthy styles of last year. According to fashion connoisseurs, ladies will continue to cultivate a clean, modern look, with tailored blazers, fitted pants, and skinny jeans, while using colorful purses and accessories as well as leather jackets and handbags to add some zest to their ensemble.  Los Angeles' handbag emporium, NP Fashion, provides fashionistas with plenty of glamorous and edgy wholesale handbags to accentuate a sophisticated, streamlined appearance.

Online retailer NP Fashion sells wholesale designer inspired handbags to buyers throughout the world, with enormous discounts on bulk purchases. "Designer inspired" bags are those which feature elements that are consistently popular with lovers of high-end handbags.  These original handbags at wholesale prices will add energy to any outfit. The bags currently available from NP Fashion are on point with what is hip these days: studded leather bags, ultra-feminine purses, and iridescent and neon fabrics to complete an attractive, up-to-date look.

While flamboyant, over-the-top clothing might not be the 'in' thing this year, the stylish, street-wise lady can add some flair and vivacity to her wardrobe with an NP Fashion purse. The feminine take on grunge remains popular this season, as women combine flower prints and lace embellishments with leather and loose-fitting frocks. NP Fashion carries an assortment of leather handbags, detailed with metal studs and rhinestones.  Many of these bags feature long straps and deep pockets which work nicely with slouchy t-shirts and black skirts, as well as floral, girlish clothing. NP Fashion also offers an array of large and small purses made of shiny fabrics. When the customer is ready to attend a fancy evening event, she may choose an iridescent silver, white, or pink clutch or handbag that shimmers like a brilliant opal. Many of these reflective leather bags also feature studs or tiny jewels for added glam-meets-grunge appeal. Additionally, NP Fashion's wholesale inventory is filled with messenger bags, backpacks, purses with flower appliques, and many other styles.

As NP Fashion is an online outlet for bulk buyers, the customer can pick and choose many diverse purses at excellent rates. If the buyer is not sure what styles or colors to select when first visiting the site, he or she may leisurely peruse the many categories of purses available. The NP Fashion team constantly adds to their online inventory. With NP Fashion, there's no need to play catch-up with the current trends. The consumer can stay ahead of the curve this winter and spring, taking cues from fashion insiders and visiting NP Fashion to acquire bags that keep in step with the trends of 2013.

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