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Feb 21, 2014, 10:00 ET from PYCOW

ISTANBUL, February 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

The modern world calls for new requirements in parallel to its new blessings. The users and the companies now need to keep their produced contents under control via internet due to familiarization of internet, rise of the social networks and existence of the social media phenomenon. Indeed, if the persons or institutions not keep hold of their produced materials in the internet or not actually intervene in the sharing of the same, they face losses amounting to millions of dollars.

Pycow protects the music, book, film, series and etc. materials produced by persons or institutions thanks to its developed Copyright Protection Automation System; whereas it concretely prevents the illegal sharing of such contents via internet. The contents are detected from the search engines and torrents by making use of keywords and then removed from the search engines in the first place; following, DMCA is sent to the internet site owners and hosting companies as to ensure the removal of the illegal contents from such sources.

Pycow General Manager Burak Kebapçı mentions as "Pycow serves in many countries predominantly in Canada, USA, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. We perform more than 1000 operations related solely to the movie works under our copyrights protection in a single month. These internet sites, which a single one of them is used for about 5000 watching/downloading requests through a month, realize 5.000.000 unauthorized watching/downloading acts in total and in a single month.   This figure, in turn, means millions of dollars box office losses for the producers. Pycow employs experienced informatics specialists and legal experts, resident predominantly in USA and in many other countries, and actually manages to protect the online prestige and copyrights of the persons and institutions successfully."

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