Qmags 2010 Digital Magazine Readership Survey: Digital Magazines Have Arrived in Force -- the Future for Print Is Changing

Jun 23, 2010, 18:36 ET from Qmags

NEW YORK, June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Qmags (www.qmags.com), a pioneer in digital magazine delivery, released the results of its 2010 Annual Digital Magazine Readership Survey of 170,000 readers.  The report indicates a continued shift towards digital content and preferences.  In one of the more telling results, by margins of 3:1 and 4:1, respondents said they chose digital magazines over print for industry, business, and product news.  Across the board, the use of print media declined, while the use of digital magazines, websites, and other e-products soared.  The reasons:  e-products were timelier, easier to save, environmentally friendly, and more searchable.  The vast majority of recipients were either "very satisfied" or "satisfied" with digital publications.

Other survey highlights include:

  • Digital editions are read.  Over 60% of respondents read 3 or 4 of the past 4 digital editions received.  70 percent said the average time spent reading digital magazines was between 15-45 minutes!  

  • Interest in mobile and iPad delivery grows.  Two thirds said they prefer to read their digital magazines on a desktop or laptop computer.  But surprisingly, an impressive 16% expressed an interest in mobile and 17% in reading devices like the iPad and Kindle.  

  • Rich media is important.  Over two-thirds said they liked video enhancements.  

  • Digital readers are serious and interactive. Close to 80% responded that they read digital magazines "to do my job better."  Digital readers are also interactive:  60% said they clicked on an article link while 55% said they clicked on a link within an advertisement.  

  • Downloads preferred over real time.  Over three quarters of the readers prefer to download their magazines—significantly more than those who view it in their browser.  Most digital readers don't open the magazine immediately, but read it sometime during the week.

  • A word of advice:  If you are currently distributing a digital magazine, Monday and Friday are the preferred days to receive your publication.  And, over 60% like to receive their magazines in the morning!  

Founded in 1998, Qmags is a pioneer and leader in digital magazine delivery.  Qmags has worked with all major publishers including IEEE, Pennwell, and Crain.  

For a complete copy of the survey or for more information, please contact:

Rebecca Pappas

Ph.:  212-947-6050x13

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