Qmee Launches Popular Gift Card Choices for Earnings Cash Outs as Flexible Rewards Option

Ultimate Online Shopping Resource Gives Users New Options to Receive Gift Card Payout for Select Top Retailers

Jan 27, 2016, 15:00 ET from Qmee.com

CHICAGO, Jan. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Qmee, the ultimate online shopping resource and search rewards browser app, is making its rewards program more even more appealing to users by letting them earn free money that can go toward anything you'd like from Amazon, your favorite Starbucks latte or newest iTunes playlist as an alternative to depositing cash in a PayPal account.

Qmee is a search rewards app that allows consumers who use search engines to receive more targeted results and also to get paid for clicking into the links they would otherwise select with no financial reward. The company has recently been focusing on becoming a one-stop resource for online shoppers who are looking for coupons and the best deals on the web. Users download Qmee for free and then search as they normally would. If a relative result is available, a product shot appears on the left hand side of your screen, showing you the same product for a better price.

As a multi-pronged tool that not only lets users save money, but also earn money, Qmee soft launched gift cards as a payout option in November in response to its users requesting additional ways to use their rewards. While some people like putting money in their pockets through their PayPal account, others prefer a voucher to use toward products found on Amazon, iTunes or at Starbucks.

"It just takes out that extra step in the process to retrieve your earnings and makes receiving your rewards even easier," said Qmee Head of User Acquisition, Amy Allen. "Cash in your account can get swallowed up by bills or other essentials, but a voucher means that you can treat yourself to what you want, or even treat someone else."

Clicking on a Qmee search result will credit the user's account with actual cash micropayments – typically between 4 and 15 cents. The payments are made in actual currency and can be cashed out at any time to a PayPal account, routed to one of many affiliated charitable or non-profit causes including the American Red Cross, or now, paid out in gift card form.

"You search every day of your life and 65 to 75 percent of your search results have been paid for by a company," said Qmee founder Nick Sutton. "The average Internet user doesn't realize that a search engine can earn an average of $80 per year based on their searching habits. It only seems right that the value created by consumers should be credited back to them in some small way without changing their search behavior at all."

The addition of gift card payouts is a way for Qmee leadership to show users that they're interested in increasing daily convenience and financial benefit through searching with Qmee.

The company is planning on bringing on additional retailers to their gift card program in the future and they will be polling users in upcoming months for their top choice brands.

"We aren't trying to attract a different user as everyone wants to get a little extra back where they can," Allen said. "We just want to make sure people can use those extra rewards how they want to. Some users want to donate to a charity, and others want cash or to get a gift card. Our goal is to make Qmee the perfect add on to your daily searching routine by offering rewards that people actually want."

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Qmee is a search rewards app that allows consumers who make search engine queries to receive better results and also to be paid for clicks into the links they otherwise would select for zero reward. The fastest-growing search-loyalty app, Qmee was launched in 2013 by Nick Sutton and Jonathan Knight, longtime friends and software executives with collective experience in software, investment banking and building startups. Featuring a true cash bank that allows consumers to withdraw their funds through a PayPal account or to redirect their earnings to local and national charities, Qmee is an innovator in the rewarded-search space with more than 200,000 U.S. users. To learn more about Qmee or to register to begin earning reward dollars, visit www.Qmee.com.

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