Qorvis Partner Matt J. Lauer Predicts Storylines to Define 2012 Presidential Election in PRWeek

Jan 03, 2012, 12:09 ET from Qorvis Communications, LLC

WASHINGTON, Jan. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Matt J. Lauer, Qorvis Communications partner, discusses in PRWeek the storylines to watch in this year's presidential election: http://www.prweekus.com/storylines-that-will-define-2012-presidential-election/article/220868/

As the presidential election will drive next year's news cycle, Lauer predicts five storylines that could affect the process.  First, Lauer says that President Obama's approval ratings will continue to increase as economic numbers improve.  Lauer has years of experience working on moderate political campaigns for both Democrats and Republicans, http://www.qorvis.com/staff/matt-j-lauer.

Second, Lauer discusses how Newt Gingrich's demise in the primary process would become complete in the coming days, thanks to the weight of past clients and personal problems.

Lauer also notes that 2012 could be the first time in decades that party leaders - in this case, the GOP - will not allow the primary process to produce a winner. The winner, says Lauer, will be Mitt Romney.

Later in the election season, Lauer says, keep an eye on the veracity of Bill Clinton's support for Obama, and look for a liberal groundswell sustaining Obama in the final days of the campaign.

To read the entire story, visit http://www.prweekus.com/storylines-that-will-define-2012-presidential-election/article/220868/.

Since joining Qorvis in 2004, Lauer has worked to bring American-style political campaign management and public diplomacy to the international stage by dramatically expanding Qorvis' Geopolitical Solutions (GPS). Qorvis uses high-end, contemporary means to get the truth about its clients told. The company has invested heavily in the technology and talent necessary to tell a nation's or corporation's story to the audiences it needs to reach.

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