Qorvis' Rich Masters Shows Bloomberg Businessweek How to Argue Like a Pundit

Apr 15, 2013, 16:50 ET from Qorvis Communications

WASHINGTON, April 15, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Qorvis partner and renowned public relations expert Rich Masters taught Bloomberg Businessweek's Joshua Green how to argue like a pundit as part of his recent feature in the publication.

Masters is known in Washington for leading Qorvis' media training program. In his How-to feature, Masters shared his tips for combining message discipline with spontaneity by using something he calls a message diamond.

"When the host asks a question, the very first thing you do is answer it. Then pivot to your message, and back that with either an interesting anecdote, an example that amplifies the major point you're making. Then you close out by restating your message. That way, no matter how it's edited, you've hammered home your message and added a story to make it stick."

Masters recommends knowing your opponents' arguments as well as your own, "If you know what they're going to say in advance—and 99 percent of the time you know exactly what they're going to say—you'll be able to take their own argument, twist it around their neck, and kick 'em off the bridge with their own words."

Masters and Green tried out the tips in "Bloomberg Businessweek How to Argue Like a Pundit: Punditry 101." Masters implements the lessons he has just taught viewers during a friendly debate with Green about which Disney Princess is most inspirational to American girls. Click here to watch the video on Bloomberg Businessweek.

Masters joined Qorvis Communications in 2003 as managing director, and became a partner in 2007. Masters is recognized as one of the top political and media relations experts in the United States, and manages Qorvis media relations practice. In addition to developing and implementing multi-million dollar PR campaigns, Masters initiated Qorvis' state-of-the-art media training program and built a specialized studio in the company's Washington D.C. office. In this studio, clients learn to "meet the press" and communicate their messages through any broadcast media.

SOURCE Qorvis Communications