Qqest Payroll Launches Employee Window(TM), an Employee Self-Service Portal

Jun 29, 2010, 11:45 ET from Qqest

SANDY, Utah, June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Qqest Payroll Services announced today the release of Employee Window™, an Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal designed to increase employee productivity and keep HR departments focused on their most important tasks.

Payroll and HR personnel are constantly interrupted by "housekeeping" requests, such as W-2 and paystub information, or updating information on life change events that affect their insurance coverage and taxes, such as marriage or dependent changes. While important to employees and companies alike, these mundane tasks are time consuming, decrease productivity, and prevent HR personnel from focusing on more strategic activities.

Employee Window is a web-based solution that allows employees to access and update the most frequently requested HR and payroll data themselves 24/7 from any computer. Employees can change W4 information, view past paychecks, direct deposit information, demographic information and access company news tickers and documents. HR departments can approve or deny any changes, as well as add new documents—allowing companies to preserve data integrity, and maintain quality control.

With Employee Window, companies can also:

  • Reduce HR costs and errors
  • Boost employee productivity and morale
  • Improve service levels

"In this new economy, companies are even more intent on keeping their employees as productive, and strategically-focused than ever," said Michael Ely, HR/ESS Product Manager. "Employee Window will add a new layer of efficiency to our payroll customers' internal processes, while empowering employees to get the information they need immediately—whether they're in the office or at home on the weekend."

About Qqest

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