QualiSystems Extends Environments as a Service Management with Enhanced Infrastructure Monitoring and Physical-Virtual Connectivity Support

World Wide Technology Deploys CloudShell Platform to Save Time and Money

Aug 25, 2015, 09:00 ET from QualiSystems

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- QualiSystems, the leading provider of environments as a service management and automation platforms for DevOps transformation, has announced its CloudShell 6.3 Release. CloudShell 6.3 extends the leading private IaaS cloud management platform with enhanced infrastructure monitoring and it works with popular IT tools such as Nagios. Release 6.3 also includes enhanced networking support that allows for easy deployment of hybrid network topologies consisting of physical, virtual and SDN switching.

CloudShell is distinct among cloud management platforms because it allows IT teams to offer catalogs of services that are based on the concept of mixed infrastructure environments that can contain any type of infrastructure connected in any fashion. Release 6.3's enhanced networking support reduces the configuration needed to support these mixed topologies. For example, CloudShell environments can include mainframe sessions, legacy Sparc servers, bare metal x86 servers, on-premises and public cloud virtual machines. The new release also allows seamless connections in any arbitrary network topology consisting of virtual and physical networking including virtual switches, traditional L2 Ethernet switches, and OpenFlow SDN switches and controllers.   

Dave Chandler, Enterprise Networking Practice Manager at World Wide Technology (WWT)­, said, "CloudShell stands out in its ability to handle any mix of infrastructure that you want to turn into IaaS. CloudShell has enabled WWT's cutting edge Advanced Technology Center (ATC) to deliver complex infrastructure environments from a service catalog that addresses a broad array of hardware and virtual technologies. The result is that the ATC has transformed our business operations from being highly logistics-driven to being highly cloud-driven and we're seeing a great payoff from that transformation." 

Regarding CloudShell's hybrid connectivity capabilities, Chandler added, "The ATC has implemented a hybrid matrix switching architecture consisting of a combination of physical layer 1 switches and OpenFlow SDN switches, all orchestrated by CloudShell. This flexible connectivity allows the ATC to meet a variety of service performance requirements while optimizing costs."

CloudShell 6.3 also includes enhanced monitoring capabilities that allow service designers to monitor datacenter or lab-wide infrastructure, while also performing infrastructure and resource monitoring on a per environment basis. This capability provides contextualized monitoring graphing to enable users to see availability, performance, traffic levels and other indicators in real-time for the specific service environment instance they have activated, limited to just the infrastructure components that have been allocated to that environment.

"QualiSystems has translated its smarts into the area of self-service automation and orchestration of infrastructure in the context of supporting DevOps. Its CloudShell solution addresses the problem of shadow IT through its automation and orchestration suite. Their solutions are aimed at the pain point of enfranchising legacy and cloud resources and enabling DevOps within a controlled IT environment," said William Fellows of 451 Research.

"We're very excited to continue enhancing CloudShell to enable our hundreds of enterprise, government, telecom and technology sector IT customers to gain agility, efficiency and productivity," said Alex Henthorn-Iwane, Vice-President of Marketing at QualiSystems. "The industry is coming to grips with the reality of a bimodal IT world, where most net new applications are being built on public cloud using infrastructure-as-code methods. Yet IT teams are often struggling to modernize their on-premises mix of legacy applications, traditional and virtual infrastructure—where 77% of deployed VMs still live. CloudShell is built with this challenge in mind, and it helps our customers move their traditional IT applications and infrastructure down a path towards agile and DevOps. CloudShell environments as a service delivers a form of IaaS that is completely relevant to their current environments, aids in mitigating the risk of legacy application migration, serves as a technical foundation for effective cross-team collaboration, and sets the table for test automation and continuous integration and delivery."

CloudShell 6.3 is available immediately at the QualiSystems support portal. For more information, visit www.QualiSystems.com.

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