Quantum Global Technologies, LLC (QuantumClean®) Engages Scientech Corporation to Act as Exclusive Sales Representative in China and Taiwan

Apr 13, 2012, 13:40 ET from QuantumClean

DUBLIN, Pa., April 13, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Quantum Global Technologies, LLC (QuantumClean®), the leading global provider of validated high-purity outsourced process tool parts cleaning, surface treatment, refurbishment, analytical and engineering services to the semiconductor, solar and LED industries, today announced that it has signed an agreement as of April 1st 2012 with Scientech Corporation to  represent QuantumClean® in China and Taiwan. 

Scientech, established in Taipei Taiwan in 1979 and with offices throughout China and Taiwan, is a highly respected service and equipment representative company serving the Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display, LED, Data Storage, Scientific Instruments and High-Tech related industries.  "Scientech's business philosophy is an excellent fit with QuantumClean's objective to provide its customers with solutions to their most challenging process tool chamber parts issues.  By partnering with Scientech, we are leveraging their local presence and extensive expertise to promote QuantumClean's leading business offerings to fab, OEM, and OPM customers in China and Taiwan.  We are truly excited to have Scientech represent QuantumClean's® interests," states Scott Nicholas, CEO & President of QuantumClean®

About Quantum Global Technologies, LLC

QuantumClean® and ChemTrace® are divisions of Quantum Global Technologies LLC, which is headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, PA, USA. 

QuantumClean® is the leading global provider of high-purity outsourced process tool parts cleaning and restoration services, tool part life extension and process tool part optimization solutions to the semiconductor wafer fabrication, OEM & OPM industries. Founded in 2000, QuantumClean® operates technologically innovative Advanced Technology Cleaning Centers® built on the premise of providing customers process improvement through consistently cleaner parts® that exceed industry standards, dramatically reducing our customers' total cost of ownership.   

ChemTrace® is a recognized leading reference analytical testing laboratory primarily serving the semiconductor, solar and related industries by providing answers and solutions to its customers' micro-contamination related issues. Founded in 1993, ChemTrace® also provides independent analytical verification of process tool part cleaning effectiveness for many of QuantumClean's leading-edge semiconductor fab, OEM and OPM customers with critical cleaning requirements.

For more about QuantumClean® and ChemTrace®, visit their websites at www.quantumclean.com and www.chemtrace.com .

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For more information about Scientech Corporation, visit their website at http://www.scientech.com.tw/  (Chinese) or http://www.scientech.com.tw/EN/ (English)


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