Quantum3D Adds New Performance-Enhancing Features to ExpeditionDI Immersive Infantry Training Platform

New High-Resolution Head Mounted Display and Wearable Computing Pack Improve Immersive Experience and Mobility for Simulated Close-Combat Infantry Training

Nov 29, 2010, 03:01 ET from Quantum3D, Inc.

ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 29, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- (I/ITSEC – Booth # 1437) -- Quantum3D, Inc., a leading provider of visual computing solutions for government and commercial applications, today announced new additions to its ExpeditionDI® infantry training platform, including a high-resolution head mounted display (HMD) and highly-flexible integrated backpack. These latest advancements extend the performance of ExpeditionDI, the industry's first self-contained, wearable and fully-immersive infantry training platform, enabling today's military to easily and more effectively simulate squad-based close-combat exercises.

"While there's no substitute for real-world combat experiences, ExpeditionDI offers the closest training simulation you can get to the real battlefield," said Arthur Yan, president, Quantum3D. "With these latest advancements, ExpeditionDI represents a significant turning point in infantry combat training, giving today's military a high-performance, all-inclusive training solution for improving war-fighter readiness."

The new 1280 x 1024 high-resolution HMD provides a high-fidelity view of the 3D tactical environment to better immerse soldiers in the virtual environment, while improved visual acuity provides a more real-world perception of simulation scenarios. ExpeditionDI's advanced correlated motion and integrated sight/sound capabilities enable an infantry squad to move through and interact with a virtual environment while moving, fighting and communicating as they would in a real-world combat situation.

The new Wearable Computing Pack combines all of the system components, hot-swappable battery capabilities and cabling into one easy-to-wear unified package, increasing overall mobility and flexibility for training exercises. In addition, the system responds simultaneously to multiple body and weapon movements, providing an even more realistic, immersive 3D training experience deployable on-base or in-theater.

Additional ExpeditionDI features include:

  • Head Motion Tracker: Correlates motion similar to the real world; a turn of the head delivers a new view in the simulated environment
  • Audio Headset: Delivers surround sound and IP radio, while an integrated microphone supports realistic tactical communications during training exercise and voice recording for after action review
  • Hot-swappable Battery: Enables extended use of ExpeditionDI with a hot-swappable battery compartment built into the Wearable Computer Pack; batteries can be quickly replaced without interrupting system operation
  • Weapon Subsystem: Ensures infantry train with weapons depicting realistic shape, weight, and feel; weapon aiming is also controlled by the weapon's orientation – fully independent of the war fighter's head or body positions
  • Embedded Computer: Integrated into the Wearable Computer Pack, the embedded computer processes all graphics and simulation in a self-contained platform; rugged enough to withstand even the most severe field conditions
  • Load-Bearing Vest: Integrates and supports the system's components to provide a realistic combat feel
  • Body Posture Tracker: Automatically detects the war fighter's posture, whether standing, crouching, or prone
  • Wireless Capability: Provides each warrior complete freedom of movement, an essential element for group training exercises
  • Open Architecture: Supports a variety of simulation software, including VBS2 from Bohemia Interactive and SVS from Advance Interactive Systems; any software can be integrated with the ExpeditionDI SDK

Quantum3D's enhanced ExpeditionDI infantry training solution will be demonstrated at Quantum3D's booth (# 1437) at I/ITSEC, the world's largest modeling, training and simulation and training conference. The enhanced version of ExpeditionDI will be available in Q1, 2011.

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