Quick and Easy Splinter Removal and Other Life-Savers for Parents from TweezersPlus.com

Dec 11, 2012, 08:30 ET from TweezersPlus

RIDGEFIELD, Conn., Dec. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Professional Splinter Removal Kit from TweezersPlus.com and their other premium-quality first-aid and beauty tools will keep your family safe, healthy and efficient this year. After 35 years of selling premium-quality surgical instruments to medical professionals, using them at home, and giving them as gifts to friends, founder Andrew Anmuth created TweezersPlus to offer consumers the same solutions that doctors use everyday. 

The Professional Splinter Removal Kit is a best-seller that continues to receive rave reviews because of the unique way it removes the splinter with minimal harm to the surrounding skin. Anmuth invented the kit because of his dissatisfaction with regular drug store tweezers, which are likely to damage the skin and break the splinter, making the process painful. The Professional Splinter Removal Kit has two tools; the first tool liberates the splinter fragment so that the second tool, the precision splinter tweezer, easily removes it with little to no pain. 

Because the TweezersPlus Splinter Removal Kit, scissors and tweezers are the same surgical-quality tools used by pediatricians and dermatologists, they are essentials to keep in your medicine cabinet in case of the dreaded splinter, tick, ingrown hair or toenail. "Parents and families are always saying what a life-saver these tools are," explains Anmuth, "whether it's an unexpected tick or splinter, having the splinter kit or one of our surgical-quality tick tweezers means you don't have to panic, because the solution is waiting for you in your medicine cabinet." The kit comes in a compact case making it easy to bring on vacations where the possibility of a splinter or tick is likely. 

In addition to making splinter removal as easy and painless as possible, Anmuth has donated his surgical instruments to many causes and plans to help organizations like kiva.org and the Rainforest Alliance through TweezersPlus.com. With Valentine's Day coming up, shoppers can support the American Cancer Society by purchasing the Pink Lite Classic Tweezer, and profits from the Spring Green Classic Tweezer will benefit the Rainforest Alliance. "Charitable giving is a core foundation of TweezersPlus.com. We recognize that the concept of community extends beyond the workplace, both locally and around the world," says Anmuth.

TweezersPlus sells a variety of first-aid essentials, beauty tools, and useful items for hobbyists and crafters. To learn more about TweezersPlus visit www.TweezersPlus.com, call (203) 244-5543, or email info@tweezersplus.com.

TweezersPlus™ is the consumer products division of Anmuth Medical International, a surgical instrument company. Owner Andy Anmuth has more than 35 years of expertise selling over 9,000 products to doctors, hospitals, and medical distributors.

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