Quri to Help Brands Unlock $33.5 Billion in Sales from Promotion Planning Optimization

Launches Quri Academy in a series of events to educate and train the industry on best practices

Nov 04, 2015, 07:00 ET from Quri

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Quri, the market leader in Retail Intelligence Technology, today unveiled Quri Academy, an industry education initiative for CPG manufacturers to help ease the adoption and accelerate the return on investment of Retail Intelligence Technology. A national invite-only events series begins on November 19th in New York City and will roll out to nine additional cities across the U.S. over the next 90 days. More details and a request for invitation can be found at Learn.Quri.com/Academy.

Quri Academy is powered by proprietary data and insights from more than 1.2 million store visits over the past two years. Quri Academy will combine these insights with expert advice and best practices in promotion planning effectiveness from a team of CPG experts spanning all categories and verticals in the store.

"For the first time in the 100-year history of the industry, we have the data and insights needed to unlock growth opportunities at the point of purchase," said Deepak Masand, Founder of Caterpillar, Butterfly and industry veteran. "Retail Intelligence Technology is becoming an integral part of the industry process and Quri's leadership efforts are vital to helping create the best shopper experience possible."

"A.R.E./POPAI is aggressively utilizing Retail Intelligence Technology to help its 1,400 global members better understand the realities of point of purchase promotion execution," said Todd D. Dittman, Chief Operating Officer of A.R.E./POPAI. "We believed promotion compliance in the US Grocery channel was 70% - 80% until our first study with Quri, but in reality it's actually 42%. This visibility is a vital first step to unlocking better return on investment from the hundreds of billions spent annually on in-store promotions."

Analysis through Quri Academy indicates that a $33.5 billion dollar incremental sales opportunity annually exists for brands who leverage Retail Intelligence Technology using Quri's best practices across the grocery, mass, drug, club and dollar channels in the U.S.

Table 1: Annual Incremental Sales Opportunity by Channel from Promotion Planning Optimization

Total Opportunity

$33.5 Billion


$14.4 Billion


$8.9 Billion


$6 Billion  


$3.6 Billion 


$.6 Billion

Source: Quri Academy Data, 1.2 Million Store Visits, 2 Years Ending September 2015

"Quri's Retail Intelligence Technology is maturing and scaling rapidly across major manufacturers. This is a major change that challenges historically entrenched business practices for multi-billion dollar companies," said Justin Behar, CEO of Quri. "The Quri Academy exists to make this transition easy and profitable for brands by turning a painful multi-year change into a simpler process that generates ROI in the very first week."

Quri Academy will provide industry best practices organized into over 20 "Playbooks" focused on the daily activities and pain points of professionals in sales, marketing, trade promotion management, retail execution, and supply-chain management. Each Playbook will include insights from Quri Academy's proprietary data assets along with expert advice and best practices from our customer success teams.

The first playbook, entitled, "Promotion Planning Playbook: Best Practices to Optimize ROI," will be unveiled via a series of Quri Academy events in cities and webinars across the U.S. market. To request an invitation, visit the Quri Academy at Learn.Quri.com/Academy.

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